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SAP ERP System – SAP Business One Software – Making Every Customer More Valuable

The most effective way to win new business is to have healthy relationships with your existing customers. Maintaining strong relationships with your customers provides revenue that is less expensive to acquire than the costs involved in obtaining new clients. Obtaining revenue from your existing customers leads to shorter sales cycles and higher margins. Therefore, the information you have about your customers, provides your business with opportunities for growth. In order for your business to take advantage of the opportunities you just need to access, interpret, and manage this data. With the customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities in SAP Business One, you are provided with the tools you need to enhance customer relationships and increase sales.

SAP ERP System – SAP Business One Software – Instantly Identify More Customer Opportunities

A CRM system can mean the difference between rapid growth and unseen opportunities. With a CRM system, such as the one built in to SAP Business One, all your customer data is in one place. With all of your relevant data in one place, you can easily see the initial pursuit, ongoing service as well as the quality of care you provide to your customers. Having a single view of the existing relationships, that are the lifeblood of your business, allows you to not only be more proactive but also more strategic with customers. Effective CRM translates to customer insights your company can use to identify business opportunities, develop sales strategies, and increase penetration.

SAP ERP System – SAP Business One Software – Designed for Small to Mid-sized Businesses

Many small to mid-sized businesses lack the resources available to larger companies for managing a cutting-edge CRM software system. Fortunately, SAP specifically designed SAP Business One for small to mid-sized businesses. In doing so, SAP makes available the robust features that big companies enjoy in a CRM system without the attendant cost and complexity.

SAP ERP System – SAP Business One Software – Real-time Customer Analysis

With SAP Business One, your company’s experience with every customer becomes fully accessible for instant real-time analysis. The customer data can then be used to identify trends, determine where the next opportunities lie, and develop pursuit plans to turn potential once hidden into tangible financial results. At a lower sales cost, your organization will be able to generate more revenue, leading to better margins and higher profits.

SAP ERP System – SAP Business One Software – Rapid ROI and Profitable Growth

You have profitable revenue in your business that’s just waiting to be discovered. The missing piece is a powerful CRM solution, which is completely integrated with accounting and inventory management software, designed for businesses like yours. Implement SAP Business One, and you’ll have a strong Return on Investment (ROI) case in place, with customer insights ready for your pursuit teams.

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