The ordering of products or services is an important component of any operation, and for companies in the Distribution business it is critical.  Having the right products from the right vendors at the right price at the right time can make or break the profitability and reputation of any Distributor.  Thus having a fully integrated procurement software product is paramount to building a strong distribution model.  SAP Business One provides all of this and more!

Shipping & Receiving

Proper recording of all inventory movement is another critical part of any solid distribution company.  Knowing what is coming in, logging the receipts properly, putting it away in an organized manner for quicker picking and proper shipping are all activities that should be tracked within a good business automation system.  Simple things like getting the right product in the right box for delivery can mean nice profits or terrible losses if not done properly, thus using technology to help in these activities can certainly streamline any Shipping and Receiving process.

Inventory Control

The keystone to every Distribution business is good Inventory Control.  Knowing what is on hand, what is coming, where it is located and who needs it shipped out is the information needed by Distribution companies.  Knowing the Landed Cost of every item at every warehouse location as well as the lead times, vendor relationships and quantities can make life so much easier.  SAP Business One carries a wealth of information about items needed, stocked and sold so that the full Inventory cycle is accounted for.

Warehouse Management

The design, layout and utilization of everything from a simple stockroom to a multi-million square foot warehouse can be a challenge if good automated systems and technology are not utilized to help manage the process.  The layout of the warehouse(s), bin locations and lot/serial number tracking make warehouse management a critical area of concern and one that can increase profitability if done correctly.  The SAP Business One solution provides the tools and reporting to help manage this complicated process.


Whether is it a requirement of a Customer, Vendor or just an internal need to do so, Barcoding is a process that is now deeply rooted in every Distribution process.  Now with the pressure to have UPC and UDI or GTIN numbers on products it becoming a mandate within many industries.   SAP Business one tracks the Bar Code numbers as well as Lot Numbers and Serial numbers as may be required.  Adding Bar Code Readers or even RFID scanners into the operation can significantly reduce the steps involved in tracking Inventory, and again increase profitability.


  • Inventory Control
  • Warehouse / Bin Tracking
  • Product Procurement
  • Serial / Lot Control
  • Vendor Management
  • Product Costing
  • Order Processing
  • Pick/Pack Management

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