Let Us Help You Take Your Business to New Heights

For over 30 years, Cornerstone has helped product-oriented businesses implement and customize business ERP software that helps them better run and manage every aspect of their business; from sales, e-commerce, CRM, manufacturing, distribution, accounting, barcoding, and much more.

Cornerstone has a seasoned staff of professionals who are well trained to listen to your requirements, develop a comprehensive plan for addressing issues, or to just provide simple support for the day-to-day questions that often arise.  Our goal is to understand the businesses we work with and provide the answers to help streamline and grow the business.  We often say “It is not about US, it is about YOU, our valued customers, that makes the implementations or support issue achieve the goals intended.

Specialized Solutions for Health & Natural Products Businesses

Cornerstone Consulting has been working in the realm of Heath and Natural Products for many many years.  We have connected with scores of companies who manufacture or distribute everything from vitamins and supplements to operating room equipment.  Cornerstone is committed to helping our customers who are helping others achieve a more healthy and happy life!   If your business is related to health and wellness in any format we have ideas and solutions to make the business run more efficiently.  We are in the business of providing “Solutions” that can iron out wrinkles in the production or delivery of health related products.

Solutions for: Natural Products   Medical Devices

Streamline: Everything You Need to Run Your Business in One Place

Through the years, Cornerstone personnel have met with hundreds of businesses using legacy or disjointed systems in order to keep the businesses going.  Old software, scores of spreadsheets and no way to “Mine” the data and get to any meaningful reporting is more of the “Norm” than the exception.  With the SAP Business One solution you can have all your critical business management products all in one integrated solution.  Full integration means Simple, Straightforward and Streamlined software to make everything you need “talk” together in one robust product.  No double, triple or quadruple entry, no looking for documents in file cabinets, no doing searches through directories filled with Excel Spreadsheets, and no re-entry of data from the sales force when they come back from the road.  With Salespeople able to enter notes into the same customer records as the accounting office, full 360 degree visibility of the accounts that are important to each department or decision-maker.

Automate: Save Time & Grow Profits by Automating Processes

Business Owners, warehouse workers, clerical personnel, IT support and everyone in-between are all being called on to do more and more in order to keep the business running smoothly and maximizing profits.  Thus the more that tasks and processes can be automated the better the quality of life is for each employee or stakeholder within an organization.  Cornerstone has been providing solutions to automate workflow, capitalize on the investment in technology and simplify these sometimes time-consuming tasks.  With the proper software and processes in place the business can focus on growth and profits to benefit all the stakeholders and their families.

Power Up: SAP Business One – Software that Grows with You

SAP is a name that is well-known by Fortune 5000 companies around the world, however the SAP Business One solution is a product that was designed to start with  companies just getting off the ground and yet supplying phenomenal value to companies with 1000’s of employees and hundreds of Millions of dollars in sales.  Thus it is poised for growth within any small to medium enterprise.  The expertise and experience the Cornerstone team brings, coupled with the Award Winning SAP Business One solution can give your organization the Power to meet the demands of today and well into the future ahead!

SAP Business One