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According to reputable sources, Online consumer sales is quickly approaching $500 Billion per year!  Everyone from grade school children to the elderly in nursing homes are taking part and consumers are reaching for their phones or other electronic devices to place orders for the goods and services they desire.   Today it is not enough to have a website with pretty graphics and a “We are the Best…” message, it is also critical to have an option for the consumers who are interested in your products or services to have a way to order them directly from you.  Even having an Amazon or Ebay store is not enough, consumers often want to deal directly with the company they are interested in.  And, it is also not enough to just have an Ecommerce site, it is Critical that the Ecommerce site be fully integrated into the CRM, Order Entry and fulfilment systems.  SAP Business One makes that possible!

Business to Business

Businesses selling to other Businesses have often discounted Ecommerce thinking it had no value for them.  Yet it is time to reevaluate this theory!  More and more businesses are looking to their vendors and other business partners and asking how they can do business electronically or online.  Whether it is EDI or a password protected Ecommerce site, people in every business are looking for ways to streamline their ordering process and simplify their lives.  With proper design Business sites can easily protect pricing, discounts and “Spiffs” so that their accounts see only the products or services that are appropriate to them, and see the specific pricing that has been agreed upon.  The advent of firewalls, secure passwords and “Captcha” tools it is a simple process to give Business customers the same convenience consumer websites provide.  SAP Business One provides the tools, and the capabilities to make this seamless and completely integrated for “One Touch” order processing.

Online Catalogs

Whether Business to Consumer or Business to Business, having an online catalog with photos and descriptions of products or services has become the “Norm” for the electronic world we live in.  A lady buying shoes or a mechanic buying parts all appreciate the opportunity to “See” the products they are interested in to insure they are getting what they are expecting.  The challenge has typically been maintaining such a catalog and keeping photo and descriptions up to date.  With SAP Business One the integration of the Inventory photos, descriptions and pricing is seamlessly connected to the website, so that if a new product is entered into SAP, a mouse click can add it directly to the online catalog.  If a product is discontinued or out of stock, another mouse click can take it down.  Pricing changes, photo changes, description changes and any other relevant data is pushed to the website automatically.  Thus there is no longer the need to have an Inventory control person and a website design person both involved.  Enter the new or changed product information into SAP Business One and the website is updated automatically.

Special Pricing

The retail customer as well as the business customer are always interested in any special pricing or discounts that might be available for products or services they are interested in.  So whether it is a volume discount, special online promotion or just a negotiated price, SAP Business One holds that data within it’s databases, and with the Ecommerce connector, pushes that information to the webstore automatically.  Thus if a consumer of either variety logs into the webstore they will always see their special pricing when applicable.  Special “Sale” dates are respected and quantity discounts are fully integrated between the SAP system and the webstore, thus building customer confidence and loyalty.

Custom Portal

Many consumers would like to be able to find the status of their orders or research something about what they bought previously, or even pay their outstanding bill online with the business.  SAP Business One and the Ecommerce connector makes all that simple and is completely integrated together.  Using these tools, a retail or business customer can log into their account, see their history, status of their order, get tracking information, reorder product or services or pay their bills … all 100% connected to the SAP Business One system powering it all.  Any data inside SAP Business One can be made available to the Custom Portal, thus giving the website customer the tools they need at their fingertips, rather than requiring them to make a phone call.  This simple fact alone can save a company hundreds or even thousands of “Where’s My Order” phone calls that require the attention ( and cost ) of a person within the organization to answer.  Custom Customer Portals can provide companies substantial additional profitability within their organizations.

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