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The Medical Device Industry is one of the Largest and Fastest Growing industries in Healthcare today, mainly driven by some exciting innovations and break-through technologies.  With the pace of the growth and the needs to remain in compliance with the ever increasing number of regulations, it is VERY important that those in this arena have the right processes and software in place.  With combined sales of over $135 Billion and the employment of up to 2 Million employees, this industry is an exciting industry, and one that has unique needs.  Cornerstone has been working in the industry for many years providing both the talent, expertise and knowledge to help companies develop or enhance their procedures and implement software that will sustain them through the growth they are experiencing.  Call Us Today to see how we can help!


New FDA Unique Device Identifier (UDI) Requirement

Health and Safety concerns are reaching an All-Time high with everyone from the Consumer, to the Health practitioner to the Federal Government.  The Unique Device Identifier ( UDI ) compliance requirements are just a part of the FDA’s plan to insure the safety of patients in the US.  The current requirements are that the device manufacturer must ship a comprehensive package of data with every device.  Identifying, Tracing and Tracking of all Medical Devices requires procedures and software in order to comply with the current and future rulings.  This is where Cornerstone can help.  Having worked with this industry we can help provide consulting, training, systems and software to help those in this industry maintain compliance as the regulations come down.  Call Us Today!  813-321-1300


Serial Number Tracking

Not only is there a requirement for UDI tracking, most companies also need or want to maintain their own Serial Numbers for tracking and traceability.  Having proper systems and software in place to do that is an important component of a well-organized operation.  Growing companies and those moving any real quantity of products know the value of using Bar Coding and possibly Radio Frequency ID ( RFID ) labels to streamline and maintain the accuracy of all inventory movements.  Cornerstone has the talent, expertise and experience with implementing such systems within both small office type environments as well as huge warehouse facilities.  Call us at 813-321-1300 to find out more about how to streamline the Serial Number tracking and make your processes more streamlined and profitable.

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Cornerstone can help you create an online store that links directly to your accounting software. Orders are processed with ease; duplicate data-entry is eliminated, and the whole system runs smoother and more profitably!

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Increase product sales and better educate your customers at the same time! is YOUR platform to promote YOUR products and educate the world as to the Medical Devices you offer. Cornerstone can help you leverage MedWiki links in your online store.