Driving Real-Time Business With In-Memory Technology

With the SAP Business One application, and analytics powered by the SAP HANA® platform, users at all levels can make better decisions faster because they have real-time, instant access to information.

Decision time frames are shorter than ever. As a result of companies trying to stay ahead of the competition as well as keep up with the rapid pace of change today, many small businesses and midsize companies need near-instant access to all of their business information. In order to drive exceptional business outcomes, leaders require a more advanced way to analyze company data to make better, faster, and highly informed decisions for their enterprises.


Benefits of HANA

As “HANA” stands for High-Performance Analytical Appliance, users can find relevant business information immediately, create and run reports on up-to-date data in SAP Business One in seconds, perform multi-dimensional analysis without IT assistance, and instantly execute what-if analysis with the data you use most.

The SAP® Business One application, with analytics powered by the SAP HANA® platform, is a breakthrough solution that brings up-to-date data from SAP Business One into local memory for instant, real-time insight into your business. As the software is designed for ease of use, anyone can create and run custom reports without IT or consulting assistance. This advanced solution enables query response times that are much faster than traditional database technology can deliver. As a result, people can make decisions based on data that is accurate as of the minute, instead of relying on data extracts that are outdated as soon as they are run.

With analytics offered in SAP Business One, companies can utilize an affordable solution that empowers people to be more productive and better informed. For example, company employees can perform simple to complex data analysis, investigate results more easily, and populate custom spreadsheets and reports with current data ““ all without IT assistance. Access to many pre-built reports and dashboards, along with freestyle search and intuitive ad hoc reporting functionality, accelerates employee adoption for faster time to value.

SAP Business One Version for SAP HANA Costs/Pricing

SAP Business One powered by SAP HANA is priced to meet the needs of the small business market. It includes a set engine price, as well as a per-user price. Its pricing is
comparable to the standard version of SAP Business One, which runs on the SQL database.

With SAP Business One and HANA, you can benefit from:

  • Using the Cash Flow Forecasting Tool
  • Instantly viewing monthly sales trends on a Timeline
  • Immediately drilling down to details of Sales Orders
  • Reviewing up-to-the-minute Delivery Schedules


What Is In-Memory Database Technology?

HANA is an in-memory database (IMDB; also main memory database system or MMDB) is a database management system that primarily relies on main memory for computer data storage. It is contrasted with database management systems which employ a disk storage mechanism. Main memory databases are faster than disk-optimized databases since the internal optimization algorithms are simpler and execute fewer CPU instructions.

Accessing data in memory reduces the I/O reading activity when querying the data which provides faster and more predictable performance than disk. In applications where response time is critical, such as telecommunications network equipment and mobile ads networks, main memory databases are often used.”



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