Discrete Manufacturing

Discrete Manufacturing is mostly a straight-forward yet challenging process, where timing is critical.  Capacities of both labor and manpower can be bottlenecks, and Just-In-Time Inventory can become critical and accurate reporting is extremely important.  SAP Business One provides the tools to manage all that and more.  Those companies making everything from auto parts to surgical equipment to spacecraft components to pill bottles all need integrated systems to smooth out the flow.

Process Manufacturing

Process Manufacturing can be an extremely complex process.  From the shifting quality of the ingredients, to the changing environment of the market, being able to make changes ‘on-the-fly’ are paramount.  Scheduling of raw materials, their shelf-life and the blending process itself make the needs of Process Manufacturers very challenging.  Thus having the right software in place to help manage the entire flow can take a huge amount of stress off those in this line of work.

Material Resource Planning

MRP is a term well known by the manufacturing world, yet many legacy systems do not have fully integrated MRP software within their manufacturing software.  Often inventory is tracked on spreadsheets, schedules are kept in an Outlook Calendar and the Purchasing department orders based on “Walking Around” the shop to see what is needed.  SAP Business One can automate and integrate the entire process so that inventory is ordered in time based on what is on hand, what is on order and when the final product will be needed.

Bill of Materials / Recipe

The raw materials that go into either a discrete product or a formulation all have a Bill of Materials or Receipt that allows workers to follow the design or formula for the final product.  Having the BOM fully integrated into the overall business management solution is critical in order for the Sales and Purchasing departments to know exactly when and how much material will be needed.  This combined with a solid MRP and Inventory Control solution provides the platform for a smooth, profitable operation.

Work Order Processing

The result of a fully integrated Inventory Control, MRP and BOM software solution is that Work Orders can be produced by the system based on the sales or stocking demands.  Production Managers can eaily manage their workflow by having Work Orders that are tied to the other modules and thus ‘Aware” that there is an increased demand or a pending “Out of Stock” condition.  The integration of Work Order Processing with all of the supplies and capacities can make the Production process much easier to manage, and thus much more likely to provide on time, on budget production of goods.


  • Inventory Control
  • Warehouse Management
  • Material Resource Planning
  • Capacity Planning
  • Resource Allocation
  • Bill of Material Costing
  • Production costing

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