Cloud or On-Premise

CRM has become an integral part of most organizations today.  However the majority of CRM systems require the company to choose between something used in the “Cloud” or something that is based “In House” or On-Premise or in a Hosting facility.  With SAP Business One companies have the luxury of having it EITHER Way!  For those users who are In-House and need fast reliable access to their data the SAP Business One CRM component can be deployed On-Premise, while those users who need to access their CRM data off-site there is the included and integrated “Cloud” connection as well.  And to make things even better, the CRM from SAP Business One is fully integrated and connected in “Real-Time” to the host server and system master files.  Thus the CRM users are always 100% Up-To-Date with Customer issues, Inventory Availabilities and any data from the integrated Business Management software.

Prospect Tracking

Business Development is one of the biggest challenges within most organizations.  Having a Fully Integrated system for Prospect Tracking means that whether it is the inhouse sales team or the remote sales force, everyone is seeing the same date.  Information that is entered either inhouse or remote is always available to the users who need access to that date.  Real-Time tracking of Prospect information, phone calls, meetings, call back requests and proposals are all able to be handled by this complete solution.

Customer Inquiry

Real-Time Customer Inquiry to check on the status of orders, previous activity or open balances are all things that help the sales force do their jobs most effectively.  With SAP Business One and the CRM solution that is included with the package, this information and much more is included and available for all CRM users with proper security.  The SAP Business One CRM functions allow for both inquiry into Customer information as well as the ability to update that information onsite or even remotely.  Typical SAP Business One users find it extremely helpful to know that all their information is up to the minute when they are dealing with one of their customers.  This ability then allows the sales person or customer service worker to feel confident that they have the most up-to-date information possible when making or receiving calls.

Note Tracking

With SAP Business One all CRM notes can be logged into the system so the Business Development people, supervisors and company management can keep a good eye on what is going on within the business.  Notes can be made private, meaning just available to the author, or public meaning all who have the proper access to the system may see them.  This also includes any documentation that might be needed such as Word Documents, Brochures, PDF files, photos or even audio files.  Thus the ability to track all correspondence with prospects, customers or vendors can be kept in a single system for ease of access by those with proper security.

Fully Integrated

Fully Integrated means Fully Available and Fully Up-To-Date information available to the personnel who need it.  There are many CRM systems on the market today, but most do not connect to the “Back End” ERP or Accounting system.  With SAP Business One the CRM is built-in and thus everything updates in Real Time.  This means that if a Salesman is on the road and enters a note, order, return or concern, the home office knows about it immediately.  If a note is added by an inhouse staff member, the salesman or outside rep knows about it as well before walking into a client site.  All this means better relationships with customers and vendors.  Knowing the status of orders, open balances and inventory status can make a substantial difference in building the solid relationships that are so critical in business today!


  • Completely Integrated with SAP B1
  • Location Tracking with built in maps
  • Direct connection to MS Outlook
  • Ability to Email and attach documents
  • Ability to keep any form of documentation
  • Available onsite or online
  • Accessible via a Browser
  • Online Real-time 24/7

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