Network Design

Network Design has become a critical component of any good Business Management System.  If the Network is performing to it optimum levels then the Accounting, ERP and CRM solutions will perform much better and provide much faster responses to the network users.  The tiniest details become important and solid network design must be done with a full understanding of the requirements of both the software and the users.  Thus it is important to have a seasoned team of IT professionals who understand the infrastructure as well as the applications to be run as the designers of the network platform.  With Cornerstone Consulting, our team understand not only how to wire the office, but we also understand the SAP Business One software that will need to perform across that network, thus organizations get the best of all options and the highest performing network possible.



Server Configuration

In addition to solid overall Network Design, the Server Configuration is also of extreme importance.  The most powerful File servers and Server Farms today must be configured properly in order to take the highest advantage of the horsepower of that server platform.  With the Advent of SAP HANA and the incredible performance boosts that it can bring, the configuration of the server to run on is paramount.  When Cornerstone Consulting is called upon to design and configure the network and server configurations, we also focus on the applications and user requirements so that the overall Hardware/Network platform can be optimize for ultimate performance.

Managed Services

Many organizations are offering Managed Services today, meaning they can monitor the network and individual devices attached to insure that the network is healthy and performing as designed.  However having Cornerstone providing this service insures that not only is the network being monitored but also the SAP Business One software and other application software products are healthy and performing well too.  Thus the “finger pointing” ends and real solutions are provided.  By providing Managed Services, we are able to be a single source for platform and application issues.  By keeping the network running properly many of the application issues are avoided and the overall satisfaction rating of both the network and software products increase significantly.



Structured Cabling

In addition to the importance of a good solid network hardware platform, an often overlooked component of that foundation is the network cabling.  The way the cable is actually installed and the path it takes between the server and the destination, the network cabling can have a dramatic effect on the overall network performance.  Cornerstone has a team of highly qualified cable installers who have hundreds of years of combined experience with running cable in the proper way as to insure optimum network performance.  Beyond the network cable, the Cornerstone Team is also qualified to run fiber optic, audio/video and other low-voltage cabling for telephone systems, cameras, video and audio distribution throughout an organization.  Call us today at 813-321-1300 for a competitive quote.


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Break / Fix Support

Network, workstation, laptop and mobile devices are not 100% bulletproof, so occasionally things go wrong and require service.  The Cornerstone Managed Services team takes those events seriously and can respond quickly and efficiently to handle any Break/Fix work that needs to be done.  We provide this service as an à la carte offering as well as a monthly Managed Services contract.  Our Managed Services offering provides monthly report as to the overall network health and provides the security and peace-of-mind that comes from knowing someone is watching your network and workstations.


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