High-Performance Analytical Appliance for SAP Business One

SAP’s Business Software For Small And Midsize Companies, SAP Business One, Will Offer High Performance Analytics

The SAP Business One community is beginning to hear a new buzzword and many are trying to get an understanding of what it is and how it might apply to their businesses.  The new SAP buzzword is “HANA”, or High-Performance Analytical Appliance.  Even just the sound of the name and it’s definition sounds interesting and intriguing, mainly due to the fact that we all want our applications to run faster and get the results we need immediately, no matter whether we are on our computers, tablets or cell phones.  Thus looking into having a “High-Performance” engine to run your business is definitely worth a glance.

HANA was first offered in early 2011 as a “˜data warehouse’ application for processing high volumes of data “˜in memory’ and in “˜real time.’  It is designed to solve the problem that most companies have when trying to query massive amounts of data they’ve accumulated over many years.  For that purpose, the High-Performance Analytical Appliance certainly appears to be a “Super Star.”

What makes HANA unique is its foundation, which includes an “In Memory Database” ( IMDB ). The SAP HANA platform is a combination of in-memory software and leading SAP partner hardware, which helps you query multiple types of data sources in real time, at speeds and volumes like never before.  The initial testing of the IMDB revealed that it was over 100 times faster than attempting to generate the same results from a standard SQL database.  Many have speculated that with some further enhancements, the speed at which the results of queries are returned could go as high as 1000 times faster than standard database processing currently being done today.

SAP’s HANA has been confirmed to be on the horizon for use with SAP Business One!  SAP Business One analytics will provide exciting new analytical functionality including enterprise search, interactive analysis, and reporting as well as new dashboards and the ability to leverage all types of data sources.  The details regarding what financial and/or infrastructure investment will be required for the purchase and implementation of HANA have not yet been revealed.  What will it cost, the requirements necessary for it to operate, which devices will it be able to run on, and what technical resources will be needed to deploy it are all questions that remain unanswered at this time.  However, we should begin to hear more about the High-Performance Analytical Appliance for SAP Business One during the first half of 2012.

If the claims of performance and the actual cost don’t outrun the total Return on Investment (ROI), then HANA could be a tremendous value to companies running SAP Business One. As a leading value added reseller of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, premier SAP Business One partner, and trusted business consultants to small and midsized companies, we continue to strive to bring the highest possible value to our customers.  Therefore, we will continue to monitor the progress of High-Performance Analytical Appliance for SAP Business One and will provide more details in the future.

Want Your Small or Midsized Manufacturing and/or Wholesale Distribution Business to Have the Benefits of “Big Data” Capabilities? Check out SAP HANA

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