Transform Your Flash Web Sites And Make Them Mobile Device Friendly


Why Flash Is Making Your Web Site An Eye Sore For Mobile Users


Some of the most popular mobile devices (think anything apple) can’t read Flash.  Like it or not, if your web site contains any Flash elements ““ and lots of them do ““ users will be seeing this bummer of a “Blue Lego” Error instead of your content. In order to make your web site mobile friendly,  the first step is to replace all Flash components with a newer technology like HTML5. This technology is a good solution because it displays “moving” elements across all mobile devices.



Don’t know if your web site contains any Flash? No problem ““ here’s an easy way to tell. Pull up your site in any web browser (ie, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Safari). First, examine your site for any “moving” elements. Does your header move? Is there video? If you see any “moving” elements, right click (ctrl click for Mac users) on the element and examine the menu you should now be seeing. You can tell by the menu if the element is Flash or not.


Did you find some Flash? No need to worry. Need some help replacing the Flash on your web site with something new? Contact one of our designers and we’ll gladly help you out!




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