Tablets May Affect E-Commerce Site Design and Marketing

Businesses Change E-Commerce Site Design and Marketing Efforts to Appeal to Tablet Users 


Many have seen or heard about the mobile computers called tablets. Whether it’s the iPad, the HP Slate or Androids version Kindle Fire, these popular devices are changing how people buy products. A few short years ago, laptops were the mobile devices many people used to conduct business while “on the go”. Today, iPads and other various tablets are the innovative mobile devices that people are utilizing not only for business purposes but also for personal use. As Apple’s iPad 3 is expected to be in stores by March, it’s safe to say this trend is here to stay. Due to the popularity of these gadgets, it’s important for businesses to adjust their web sites and e-commerce sites to appeal to the thousands of mobile device users. For the companies selling goods online, many things such as site design, site features, content, and advertising will need to conform to the new mobile standards.   

Within Practical E-Commerce Armando Roggio reported, “For all of 2011, some 66.9 million tablets were sold around the world, up approximately 260 percent from 2010.”  Many business leaders have recognized that the mobile device trend is much more than a passing fad and they have benefitted from tapping into this market. For instance, when savvy business leaders learned that consumers with these tablets were more apt to read digital versions of magazines, they updated their marketing strategies as well as changed the types of ads placed within such media. Further, product descriptions within their e-Commerce web sites were revised to better reflect how it was being consumed via mobile device users. This is a good example of why it’s important for your online ads to reflect the content of your e-Commerce site. Your ads should be informational, easy to view within today’s mobile devices, and the process for leading a consumer to make a purchase should be simple.

In addition to providing quality web site content about your goods to mobile device users, another important aspect to consider is that the consumer may want to enlarge or reduce the size of your products while viewing them online. For companies with e-Commerce web sites, consumers should have the ability to view your products in different sizes. By providing mobile consumers with features that make it simple for them to make purchasing decisions, more products can be easily purchased from your online store.

As tablets are light weight and offer users a convenient way to access the Internet, many now take them everywhere they go. Gone are the days when people used their in-home personal computers to research a product for later purchase at a physical store. Now, consumers are not only researching products online, they are using their tablets to purchase goods, at their convenience from anywhere in the World. The research firm, GfK MRI, found that nearly three out of four tablet users who read digital magazines wanted to be able to click on an ad and make a purchase. Armando Roggio stated, “Display ads in digital magazines could feature ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Add to Cart’ buttons that would lead to immediate sales.”  

Tablets are changing the way we offer information about our products to the Internet viewing public. Tablets are also altering the way we do business. In this ever-changing tech world, it is especially important for e-tailers to effectively tailor marketing messages to their mobile viewers well. It is also critical for online retailer’s e-Commerce sites to be designed for optimal marketing and sales of their products. 

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Author: Ashley Edwards


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