5 Tips For A Successful Ecommerce Website


5 Tips For A Successful Ecommerce Website


To some, there are “Rules” an ecommerce website specialist could follow when creating a successful webstore.  So, we thought it would be beneficial to break it down for you in 5 simple tips. Whether you have an existing ecommerce website today or you’re looking to create a new one, these tips can help you have a successful site.
Think Like Your Consumer

When reviewing your existing ecommerce website or considering having a new webstore constructed, it’s always good to put yourselves in the customer’s shoes. When you’re looking to purchase products online, what do you find appealing as you shopping in the webstores? Consider incorporating those same ideas within your company’s ecommerce website. Within your business ecommerce web site, it’s always a good idea to have your products in multiple categories. By doing this, you will create more cross-sell opportunities. When you show your customers which products go well together and suggest that they shopper may also like other items, you will have more opportunities to make additional sales. Cornerstone’s ecommerce solution, Comgine, allows you to have multiple categories and place various products within those groups. Comgine ecommerce also offers you the ability to “up-sell” which basically shows the consumers other products they might want to purchase.


Keep It Simple

Keeping the design of your ecommerce web site uncomplicated is critical for ensuring that your customers have a good online shopping experience. The web designers of Cornerstone understand the importance of constructing ecommerce web sites that are simple to use and easy to navigate. When clients want to put as much information on their websites as possible about each item they sell, we recommend that the product pages remain uncluttered. The web designers also suggest that the company contact information is easy to see within each page. Further, if you offer a return policy or special instructions for any of the items you sell online, it is always a good idea to make such information stand out.  


High Quality Images

Whether you are a visual person or not, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  When using pictures to help sell the products within your ecommerce website, be sure to use high quality images. The images should make customers feel as if they want to pick up and touch the items on your website. Research has shown that only a small percentage of people actually read the information listed within product descriptions. The ecommerce website designers of Cornerstone take this into consideration when constructing each site for clients. The ecommerce designers create well structured web pages which include great looking product photos and have just the right amount of informative text to encourage your consumers to make a purchase from your webstore.



What good is your ecommerce website if you don’t let consumers know your site is online? Cornerstone’s marketing directors suggest that you consider creating and implementing a campaign to help drive traffic to your ecommerce website.  You can send emails, newsletters, postcards with limited-time offers, letters about upcoming promotions, and more to targeted groups through out the country. You can also focus your advertising efforts in your local community. With so many ecommerce websites out there, it’s imperative for your business to stand out from all the rest. In addition to creating local and/or national ad campaigns, you may want to consider sharing information about your ecommerce website within Social Media Networks. The Cornerstone staff will gladly help create an ecommerce website that can not only be easily found online but also extremely easy for your webstore shoppers to use.


Payment Process 

There are many ecommerce solutions from which you can choose, but Comgine (in my humble opinion) offers the best options! With the Comgine ecommerce solution, you can have it completely integrated with either enterprise resource planning system (ERP) Sage Pro or SAP Business One. So what does that mean? Not only can you have a visually appealing ecommerce site that looks great, and is simple for your customers to use, but it can also be seamlessly unified with your accounting and inventory control-management software. Sure, you can set up PayPal or a similar payment processing system, but why not process the customer information (name, address, phone, email, etc.), update the inventory to reflect the items purchased, and process the payment automatically, upon submit of the web orders? Genius right? Time is money… and, to remain competitive, businesses have to be more efficient. If you want your ecommerce system to be highly efficient, contact us about Comgine. If you’re interested in learning more, call Cornerstone’s team of ecommerce specialists today. We look forward to showing you just how easy it is to have a well designed, integrated and streamlined ecommerce website.  


Whether you have an existing ecommerce site or are looking to create one, call us today (813) 321-1300 to see how we can help your online webstore operation be extremely successful!  

Author: Ashley Edwards

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