With The Right Cloud Platform, CRM Tools And Social Marketing Your Business Can Leave Competitors In The Dust

There can be no doubt statistics and observation confirm that consumers in our current environment are far more influenced by e-marketing, including the influence of social networking sites, than ever before.  It would seem that the trend is in its early stages and will continue growing for quite some time.  The Madison Avenue marketing/advertising “experts” agree with that premise and are in the forefront of exploiting the potential of e-commerce.  Presumably, their research confirms that the modern US consumer becomes more readily influenced by “digital” marketing than ever before.  However, some experts suggest that far too many still employ the marketing techniques of the past.  Of course, the old maxim “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it” still has great validity.  However, companies that don’t adapt to change quickly enough can often be left in the dust.

Companies with forward thinking management personnel are well aware of the inherent value of what Customer Relations Management (“CRM”) offers for tracking, control and overall management of digital marketing campaigns. Marketing directors can use CRM tools, such as those in the SAP® Business One application, to effectively manage difital campaigns, close sales faster and better serve customers. With the ability to automate digital marketing processes, directors can efficiently manage activities throughout the entire sales cycle, including initial contact, proposal, closing of sales, and after-sales service and support. Tightly integrated features across marketing, sales, and service provide a 360-degree view of your prospects and customers so you can better understand and meet their needs. That is why CRM software is a $50 billion (+/-) business category with an established presence footprint in ventures both large and small diligently serving the needs of their digital customers.

Once the correct CRM software is in place, the burden of improvement or excellence shifts to the personnel of the venture.  Maximum benefits will not be derived unless the software is used to its greatest potential in the circumstances of the venture.
A month ago, SAP introduced “SAP Customer OnDemand“ (A/K/A, “SAP On The Cloud”) with “”¦massive enhancements that are available now ““ all based on customer and partner co-innovation and design-thinking. What an amazing acceleration of development and applying our new “˜every quarter a release’ approach we saw fast iterations on existing scope and additional areas covered.”

SAP maintains that “The top benefits companies see in cloud computing are also changing over time.  New data from Forrester Research supports the increasing demand for agility, speed, and flexibility.  Only 32% of enterprises Forrester surveyed in 2009 viewed business agility as a key benefit of SaaS.  Now, the number one reason for CIO and IT executives is no longer cost reduction, but business agility.

Our cloud portfolio reflects this trend.  Because it has been designed the way people work, the SAP Cloud promotes fluid team collaboration and business agility and also allows for increased context decision making. The benefits the SAP Cloud brings speed up development and help our customers run better and faster.  Solutions are integrated seamlessly and work together, both horizontally cloud-to-cloud and vertically with the system of records.  An open platform enables our ecosystem to be extended as new solutions are built on top of our existing platform.”

SAP Business One ERP Software, Tech Support and Services

Since 1983, Cornerstone Consulting has been providing enterprise business management software systems to small and midsized manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and retail companies. In 2005, Cornerstone Consulting became trusted SAP Partners and resellers of  SAP Business One . This enterprise resource planning system (ERP) combined with the customization expertise of Cornerstone Consulting, allows a company to implement a state-of-the-art business management solution, tailored to meet its specific business needs. Instead of your business adapting to the software, the ERP system can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of your operation.

Want to supercharge your company’s performance, boldly lead your business into the mobile future, or brilliantly out-maneuver your competition? In addition to the CRM tool within SAP Business One ERP , there are numerous benefits the software offers businesses of any type including: the ability to access the enterprise resource planning system on your iPhone and iPad; better business intelligence and analytics via built-in Crystal Reports; instant, “real time” access to information from finance, manufacturing, warehouse management, customer service and sales departments, as well as automatic “workflow alerts” that provide warnings based on individualized business rules.

If you’re looking for a business consulting and IT firm specializing in areas such as: SAP Business One (SAP B1), ecommerce, web development, custom programming, mobile apps, social and digital marketing, actionable analytics, databases, cloud computing, and on-demand/software as a service (SaaS), you’ve found the right company.  Call Cornerstone Consulting at 813-321-1300 today to learn about all of the ways Cornerstone Consulting can help your business achieve tremendous success.

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