Why Professional Website Design Can Be Much Better For Your Business Than Off The Shelf  “Do It Yourself” Packages

Would the developers of a proposed hospital let doctors design the Emergency Room area, the Operating and Post-Op Suites, the Neo-Natal Suites and other sections of the hospital as a “Do It Yourself” (DIY) project?  Of course not!  In order for the developers of the project to proceed, they must obtain suitable plans and specifications for the new hospital which must be prepared and/or reviewed by prominent architects, engineers and other experts to assure that the plans, specifications and supporting data will comply with all township, county, city, state and federal laws, rules and regulations applicable to the project.  Further, the wise developer will require that those experts seek advice and suggestions from local attorneys, architects and engineers regarding compliance with local issues that must be addressed.

Would a competent business owner single-handedly buy a state of the art enterprise resource planning system and then, with the help of some employees, (a) install the system and (b) modify a sophisticated software package?  Of course not.  Would that same business owner buy an off the shelf website design package and have some employees install it? The answer to that question is not so easy, is it?

While some off the shelf website packages advertise that the installation process is easy, their ads do not mention that modifying the off the shelf, one size fits all, website is not easy.  Professional website providers and designers stay abreast of developments in their field and pay attention to changes, trends and nuances in e-marketing as well website design.  One such nuance is the correct placement of icons and graphic for maximum effect.  The best also pay attention to what is happening in their clients’ lines of business so as to stay current with respect to new marketing trends.  What member of your staff would you designate to be your webmaster, and burden him or her with the responsibilities mentioned above?

As each day goes by, website design becomes increasingly important.  The competition for website visits becomes more heated.  A corollary to that statement is this rule: your website must be “sticky”, i.e., it must attract and retain the attention of the site visitor.  Your site is in competition with many, many sites which are also striving to become “sticky”.  Thus, it is critical for your business to have a website which not

Do you have a staff member you could rely on to stay abreast of new website design practices and then adapt them to your website?  Of course you want your site visitors enjoy their stay on your site.  If the site has a number of interesting features and is appealing to the eye, but difficult to navigate, it will not retain site visitors.  Reputable, experienced webmasters perform those services as part of their duties.

Cornerstone can help you improve your existing site or create a professional business website with superior navigation construction, exquisite web graphic design, a state-of-the-art technology platform. If you’d like to have a stunning, interactive and professional website, you’ve found the right company. We are happy to help you and your team with your business website.  If you’re a local business owner (Tampa, St. Pete, or Clearwater) and would like to meet with us to discuss your website please call 813-321-1300.

No time to call now?  No worries ““ we know you’re busy. If you complete the brief form within the Contact Us page, and let us know a good time to contact you, we will touch base with you when it’s convenient for your schedule.  We’re looking forward to connecting with you!


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