Count On SAP And Cornerstone Consulting To Run Better Than Ever Before

Together, with SAP Business One enterprise resource planning (ERP) and Cornerstone Consulting as your partner, your small business or medium enterprise can run like never before!

As a business owner, you can count on SAP and the expertise of the Cornerstone Consulting staff to help your enterprise grow in as many ways as you’d like. We know that you’d like to expand your company and capitalize on innovative technology. As your software and technology partner, not only can we assist you reach your business objectives, the solutions we provide can help you better serve the needs of your customers. Our sights are set high, and we know yours are too, as we look forward to helping you grow your business.

SAP’s performance in sales of business management enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems continue to soar! Additionally, SAP continues to steadily advance their position across the market categories listed below. Here some of the key ways you can use Cornerstone’s expertise as a SAP partner to help you grow your business:

  • SAP Business One Application
  • Analytics
  • Mobile
  • Database & Technology
  • Cloud Computing

If you appreciate SAP’s unparalleled leadership in enterprise applications, such as SAP Business One, and how they continuously improve upon their on-premise and on-cloud solution for small and medium enterprises (SME), then you’ve found the right resellers to help your business. With Cornerstone Consulting as your SAP partner and Business One solution provider, you can rapidly advance your business with a leaner architecture, lower TCO, faster adoption, superior value and “innovation without disruption.”

You may also like the emphasis SAP continually puts on providing users with the most advanced, powerful, and cutting-edge analytics. For unparalleled analytical capabilities, business intelligence (BI) and embedded analytics, SAP built Crystal Reports and Excel Reporter into SAP Business One. SAP not only offers embedded in-memory technology and content, it also provides state-of-the-art visualization – essentially delivering an entirely new category of analytical capabilities for industry and line-of-business needs.

On a regular basis, SAP exhibits mobile leadership through innovation and investment in usability, security, and development. In addition to the SAP Business One mobile application for iPhone and iPad, there are partners leading the way in mobile apps development through SAP channels.

SAP continues to revolutionize the database & technology market with in-memory breakthroughs. In order to drive exceptional business outcomes leaders require a more advanced way, such as SAP HANA, to analyze company data to make better, faster, and highly informed decisions for their enterprises.

In order to meet current and emerging customer demand, SAP regularly evolves and adapts its technology. For instance, in addition to an On-Premise implementation, it is also possible for companies to have the option of deploying Business One On-Demand. If you have a limited capital budget, minimal IT support, or no desire to build and maintain a large in-house IT infrastructure, Cornerstone Consulting can host your entire SAP Business One ERP software system, in your own private cloud. By consistently providing our clients with increasingly higher customer value in every aspect of what we do together, we can help propell unprecedented opportunities and efficiencies across your entire organization.

Together, SAP and Cornerstone Consulting provides increasingly higher customer value in every aspect of what we do. Small businesses and midsized companies that want to run better now can count on SAP Business One. The companies that want to run better than ever before, sell more products, have more free time for having fun can rely on trusted SAP partner, Cornerstone Consulting. We’re looking forward to connecting with you, having a conversation about your needs, and listening to your description of how you’d like your company to grow. To talk with a Certified SAP Business One Consultant, call 813-321-1300.


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