The Mobile Application For iPhone And iPad Can Be Your “Office On The Go”


Mobile devices are small.  They are light.  They are powerful.  However, are mobile devices truly capable of being your “office on the move”?  Well, if not, those instruments that are telephones, still cameras, video cameras, GPS units, business calendars and web browsers will soon be your handheld office surrogate.

When SAP introduced SAP Business One mobile app for iPhone and iPad with which,  “”¦you can process approval requests, view reports and business content, manage business partner data, monitor sales opportunities, and much more,” users of the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system were eager to install and utilize the application. Much of the excitement regarding the mobile app is due to being able to create customizable reports quickly, edit them quickly and then easily distribute them via e-mail with the built-in SAP Crystal Reports software version designed for the SAP Business One application. The SAP Business One mobile app also runs on the iPod touch, but with a few differences in functions such as buttons or menu entries.

Mobile users can access reach and every tool and function available in the SAP Business One mobile app from the starting page, which lists these features:
1. The Toolbar that contains menu commands, such as the back button and the Edit button.
2. The Page section that delivers up to the minute data, e.g., such as key performance indicators and alerts.
3.  The iPhone section: A horizontal tab section with two tabs: “Home” and “Modules” which are constantly accessible.
4.  For iPad: On the left side of the screen is a vertical menu section, while the right side displays the user selected content.

The SAP Business One mobile app iPhone To-Do List page displays a maximum of the next eight scheduled activities and the iPad To-Do List page displays a maximum of the next twelve planned tasks.

The SAP Business One mobile app iPhone To-Do List also synchronizes “”¦the activities in the most recent three months (last month, this month, and next month) into the calendar of your mobile device.”  If the user selects “Sync to Calendar” from the iPhone To-Do list, the chosen activities will be synchronized into a separate calendar, named “SAP Business One” in the mobile device.

Among the many “cutting edge” facilities the SAP Business One mobile app brings to the feast are:
1. A To-Do List page which displays a maximum of the next eight activities entered in your iPhone or the next twelve activities entered in your iPad SAP Business One calendar.
2. A Key Performance Indicators (“KPI”) page which displays system and user-defined KPIs.
3.  The ability to view information about items in inventory, including but not limited to, a picture and unit price of a selected item; and, quantities of an item by warehouse; and
4.   The opportunity to review, edit, accept and/or reject documents.

For security reasons, the mobile app for SAP Business One neither stores nor caches business data on the device. Further, the SAP Business One mobile app does not support any offline use.

Cornerstone Consulting is a SAP Business One Partner Providing Software Support and Tech Services

Why do so many small and midsized companies rely on Cornerstone to help their organizations out-perform the local, national and/or international competition with ease? Simply stated, our level of experience is superior. Since 1983 Cornerstone Consulting has been providing state-of-the-art business software systems, as well as related technical support, to small and midsized manufacturing and wholesale distribution enterprises. With the expertise of Cornerstone’s highly-skilled programming staff and SAP’s ERP system for small and midsized businesses, SAP Business One, your enterprise can run better than ever before. Cornerstone Consulting’s areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

  • SAP Business One ERP
  • E-commerce Application
  • Mobile Apps
  • Analytics
  • Internet
  • Databases
  • Cloud Computing
  • Web Design and Development
  • Custom Programming

To learn how easily your small or medium enterprise (SME) can out-run, out-maneuver, and out-perform the competition with a SAP ERP solution such as Business One, please contact Cornerstone Consulting at 813-321-1300.

Interested in learning more about SAP Business One but don’t have time to call us now?   If you take a minute and complete the brief form within the Contact Us page, as well as let us know a good time for us to contact you, we will touch base with you when it’s convenient for your schedule.  We’re looking forward to connecting with you!



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