Business Insights And Technology Tips September 2012

Business Insights And Technology Tips For Small And Midsized Enterprises (SMEs)

Digital Strategy Best Practices For Your Business

The very interesting, informative article summarizes a report issued by The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) which”¦”is comprised of more than 500 leading media and technology companies that are responsible for selling 86% of online advertising in the United States…(and) educates marketers, agencies, media companies and the wider business community about the value of interactive advertising.”

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Google Will Demote Search Rank Of Web Sites That Host Pirated Content

The following very interesting remarks relate to the Google announcement linked immediately above: “Google, the world’s most influential search company, is about to take on a new role, namely, Piracy Cop.  The company says it will demote the search rank of Web sites that feature allegedly pirated content. Traffic plummets when a site is demoted, and since ad revenue is tied to page views, its revenue plummets as well. The action was spurred, Google says, by a flood of copyright removal notices: “˜We’re now receiving and processing more copyright removal notices every day than we did in all of 2009″”more than 4.3 million URLs in the last 30 days alone. We will now be using this data as a signal in our search rankings.’ Removal notices are sent to Google, when a copyright holder believes a Web site has pirated it’s content and wants the content removed.”                                                                                   

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Interactive Technology Helps Customers Interact With Products Before Buying

Do you know the meaning of “Customer Experience Technology?”  Well, it is quite likely that Customer Experience Technology will soon be a widely accepted phrase in the wide world of marketing.  In fact, there already exists a “Customer Experience Technology Guide 2012.” You might be very well advised to stay ahead of this new phenomenon. 

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Retailers Allowing Shoppers To Pay With Their Cellphone

A wide variety of large retail companies and some very prominent “Big Box” enterprises are joining forces to establish an enterprise that will allow prospects to buy products via a brand new “app” for cellphones.  It is reported that the app should be able to deal with a multitude of interactive retail marketing schemes.  As you might expect, a lot of elbowing is going on among those Big Boxes and major cell phone companies for preeminent status in the proposed endeavor.  Analysts suggest that the Big Boxes will wield significant power because, ultimately, they determine how payments for products will be handled.

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Next iPhone Scheduled To Go On Sale In September

There is abundant speculation about the next-generation iPhone that is expected to reach the market during the second week of September. Details have not been released, but speculation is abundant. Some so-called experts theorize that the new version is likely to have a somewhat larger screen.  Some of the same experts note that a September debut would be ahead of Apple’s previous release schedule of once per year, except for the 4S, which was not released until 16 months after the iPhone 4.

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