Cloud Computing And Business Process Outsourcing

Mobile Web For Business Process Outsourcing

One Hub startup called MobileWorks is “building a sustainable crowdsourcing platform that lets underemployed individuals throughout the world earn a fair wage” completing data entry tasks via mobile web application.

MobileWorks created a mobile web application that enables low wage folks  in selected countries to add to their income by executing simple data entry tasks, conducting web research, creating content and accomplishing certain other goals or objectives on a task by task basis.  In effect, tasks other  content creation and more on a project basis to supplement their income.  Individuals using mobile phones, tablets and even PCs in cyber-cafes, become part of an ad hoc collective workforce whose aggregate services are marketed to large corporations, organizations, and individuals in the west.

Believe it or not, “Data entry tasks are delivered to each mobile device by the mobile web, and MobileWorks handles the end-to-end work distribution, guarantee of accuracy, and employee payment. With this creative model replacing the costly overhead of traditional business process outsourcing, workers are assured a higher wage.”

On of the founders of MobileWorks noted that MobileWorks “”¦was launched with essentially zero capital because of free cloud computing services that allowed them to “˜build and serve their web application for free.'”  The founders consider that circumstance to be tremendously advantageous because it allowed them to deploy their software to users in developing nations that lacked the technology infrastructure needed to deliver work for employers located on the opposite side of the world.

MobileWorks is a superb example of how the mobile/cloud computing model, when applied to connect people and work in creative ways, can completely reshape how technology is used for both profit and social good in a way that costs next to nothing to get started.

Another example of how cloud computing is helping to launch socially conscious businesses is Cloud Currencies. Cloud Currencies offers community rewards for local merchants and earned donations for favorite non-profits. Participation is simple and requires only that an individual register any credit or debit card to the Cloud Currencies web-based Open Loop Loyalty Rewards Technology Platform.  Participating consumers will also accrue local currency credits at their favorite participating markets.  It’s a community win for all.

Cloud Currencies acts as a catalyst for local economic development, because it incents consumer loyalty to local merchants by generating donations for selected non-profits with every purchase.  The revenue impact can strengthen the local economy, resulting in more jobs and increased tax revenue for local schools and other services.

Cloud computing as the next IT wave has significantly reduced the cost of launching any new business venture. The number of Software-as-a-Service applications available today for managing business functions like finance, HR and more can help startups better handle rapid growth.  Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service offerings can also provide quick, low-cost access to data center resources for software development and prototyping.

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