ERP vs. ERP II — What’s the Difference?

ERP II has often been described as the “new and improved” ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) with ample justification, because it has many advantages over most extant ERP systems which typically address Finance and Administration issues with an emphasis on serving logistics, supply chain, and warehousing functions.

ERP II expands the scope of ERP so as to provide solutions for members of a much broader market. ERP II allows demonstrably greater flexibility with respect to integrating functions between departments and even industries. In addition, for the most part, an ERP II system is a much more “Web-friendly” application that makes better use of the Internet, especially as a means for support. Another benefit that ERP II brings to the feast is that it can engender increased user participation, because it should simplify dealings among site owners and potential buyers.  In turn, that can eliminate a large percentage, if not all, of the difficulties that used to result from the exchange of insufficient or incorrect communications.

Debunking the ERP II Myth

ERP II has become the talk of the day in the enterprise world. ERP II features are said to be advanced when compared with the former. However some shun it as a mere extension of ERP. It becomes very important to analyze ERP II in this context.

Industry Specific ERP II Applications

The main drawback of enterprise resource planning is that it is a generic application which remains less focused on specific functions. However ERP II believed in restructuring ERP rather than restructuring the business process in the name of business process engineering or others. ERP II comes with comprehensive features that are exclusively suited industry wise. Further, the packages also offer innumerable choice for the functional components. This is the crux of ERP II features.

Flexibility of ERP Applications

ERP was a rigid application when it comes to the question of handling functions. ERP was more prone to serving individual functions. Even though they served multiple functions they did not always cater to different functions from different category. On the contrary ERP II could not only integrate different functions from different departments but also different function from different industries.

Web-centric Application

ERP II facilitated access to the Internet and made it a part of the working component. Even though ERP was a web friendly application it did not make full use of the Internet but they served as a means of support. This act equals possessing technology and not using it. However, ERP had its own reservations in using internet abundantly. ERP II worked on them and hence became totally a web friendly application.

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