Business Insights and Technology Tips October 2012

Business Insights And Technology Tips For Small And Midsized Enterprises (SMEs)

Google Announces A Refresh Of Panda 

The very interesting, informative article summarizes the plans for a refresh of Panda which “will be rolling out over the next few days, Google today announced via Twitter. Google warned website owners to “expect some flux” during that time, also noting that less than 0.7 percent of queries will be affected.”

See: – Google Panda Refresh

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iOS 6 – Apple iPhone Update

The following is James Martin’s review of Apple’s latest operating system release: “I’ve had a couple of hours to poke around in iOS 6, the iPhone OS update Apple released on Wednesday. It didn’t take long at all to form some initial impressions. Here’s what I love””and don’t love””so far, based on my initial experiences using iOS 6 on my iPhone 4 and current-generation, Wi-Fi-only iPad.”

See: – 3 Things To Love About iOS 6

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How To Sell More Online This Holiday 

Did you know that US Retail sales are expected to grow atleast 3.3 percent this upcoming holiday season?  Well, if your business has an  e-commerce system the marketing tips within this article may be useful to you.  In fact, “It’s likely a good chunk of that increase will come in online retail: Internet holiday sales were at a record $37.2 billion last year, up 15 percent from 2010, according to comScore (SCOR).”  You might be very well advised to stay ahead of, prepare for, and then take advantage of the opportunities to generate more online sales during the holiday season.

See: – Sell More Online This Holiday Season

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How Small Businesses Can Keep Up With Changing Customer Relationships

Although small and midsized business owners understand the value of collecting and utilizing data to their advantage, many do not have the right software and technology to keep up with changing customer expectations. “Customer loyalty has become something of an oxymoron. Winning and retaining a customer is getting harder, as e-commerce and global competition have empowered consumers with more choices and the ability to easily transfer their business from one company to a competitor.”

See: – Keeping Up With Changing Customer Relationships

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The Growing Popularity Of Tablets And e-Readers

Like many people, when someone says “mobile device” you probably think of smart phones. Yet, “tablets and e-readers have increasingly become part of the equation, with millions of people now owning devices that many had never heard of a couple of years ago.” For instance, “on the tablet front, Apple’s iPad has ruled the market with an iron fist. Since its rollout in early 2010, competitors from HP to Dell to BlackBerry-maker RIM have tried, and failed, to match the device feature for feature.”

See: – Leading Tablets and e-Readers

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