Origins and Importance of Project Management

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Project Management“ is a very old discipline.  Eons ago the first humans on Earth had to survive. By necessity, one could argue, survival was the first human project management exercise. Perhaps the phrase “necessity is the mother of invention” can be traced to the first project manager.

Those who study the history of industry and commerce seem to agree that project management began to blossom in Europe and the United States in the mid-to-late 1800s. Near the turn of the 20th century, Frederick Taylor (1856″“1915) began to study “work.” His scientific analysis and detailed studies of work led him to believe that labor should be analyzed by studying its basic components and then improved by applying logic. At the outset, he visited steel mills and accumulated data regarding work practices in use. Until that time, imposing more work per hour requirements and longer work days were perceived by “management” to be the formula that generated more tons per hour. The analytical Mr. Taylor promoted the notion that more efficient work practices could accomplish the same result as toiling longer and working more strenuously.

As time went by, some project management analysts suggested that more efficient work practices contributed mightily to the marked growth in importance and presence of commerce and industry. Another reason cited that more efficient work practices were very important is that conduct of commerce became more difficult and complex as time went by. Further, the proliferation of large to huge projects required the order and discipline imposed by detailed, well reasoned, all encompassing project management plans supported, as necessary, by project management plans for specific components of the larger project, over-arching, logical plan that facilitated making important, correct, decisions.

Experts tend to agree that the modern version of Project Management, really began to blossom, outside the world of engineering and construction, circa 1965 (+/-), as management of US businesses, charities, government entities and other ventures recognized the benefits derived from the imposition order and discipline on projects of all types and sizes. This “project-centric” view of the organization evolved further as organizations began to understand the critical need for their employees to communicate and collaborate while integrating their work across multiple departments and professions and, in some cases, whole industries.

Since the 1960s, this approach toward project management has matured. There are many types of business models. Most have these characteristics: one entity, the Project Manager, is responsible for the project; manages the project; creates a Project team; and, creates and maintains adequate integration and communication of the workflow components among the relevant different departments.

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