How Google News Makes It Easy For You To Stay Informed

Google News has become increasingly popular for good reason.  It emphasizes “computer-generated news” which is collected from sources around the world.  Then, it (a) prioritizes the headlines from its myriad news sources around the world, (b) groups similar stories together and (c) presents them in accordance with the specific interests of each reader.

Historically, those who read morning and/or evening newspapers scan the first page of the paper to find headlines of interest. Then, they read the associated related articles. Google, not surprisingly, chose to offer its news readers more “personalized options” and a wider variety of perspectives from which to choose. For example, Google News provides links to several articles covering each story. That allows readers to quickly decide what subject interests them. It also permits them to decide which publishers’ account of each story they prefer to read. So, with one click on the headline that interests the reader he or she can visit the site which published that story.

As you might expect, Google’s articles are chosen and prioritized by computers that gauge many factors including, inter alia, how frequently and on what news outlets stories appear online. The ranking process is based on specific characteristics of news content such as freshness, location, relevance and diversity. As a result, stories are sorted without regard to political viewpoint or ideology and readers can choose from a wide variety of perspectives related to a specific news story. Google News strives to meet the expectations of site visitors accustomed to excellence by adding sources, fine-tuning its technology and providing Google News to readers in ever increasing regions on the planet.

Among the many positive things that are said about Google’s extraordinary rise to prominence is that Google’s management understands the importance of keeping Google “user friendly.” When was the last time you pondered, or “brain stormed” with a trusted third party the methods by which your enterprise could become more user friendly or client friendly?  Give some thought to offering products or services that are, or could be considered to be, helpful or interesting to some people in your customer/client base. Further, to the extent that it would be prudent, it might be advisable to engage selected customers/clients in conversations during which you (a) casually mention the possibility of adding a new product or service and (b) off-handedly, ask for a comment. More often than not, the growth of an enterprise is not an accident. Google uses economic feasibility studies to its advantage. In this relatively unpredictable economy maybe you should, too.


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