Make it Easy For Search Engine Bots to Read all of Your Website Content

For a long time, many business owners have considered website search engine optimization a top priority.  The first order of business has been and remains to make certain that the primary website text is fine-tuned to attract search engine robots, commonly called “bots”. They are simple, automated data retrieval programs, traveling the web to find information and links. They only absorb what text they can read, if it is presented in a format suited to them. So, ensuring that search engine bots can access and read all the content from within a website must be a primary goal of any search engine optimization strategy. 
Search engine bots can process only what they perceive, namely, data. So, pictures and graphics make no impression on bots. That places a burden upon the site designer to generate copy that attracts attention, is helpful to the site visitor and employs the most effective keywords.
It is advisable for business owners to be involved in on-page optimization. You can take your time, refine, tinker, and constantly update your content. Remember, effective keywords can change rather quickly.  When a web page is submitted to a search engine, the url is added to the search engine bot’s queue of websites to visit. Even if you don’t directly submit a website, or the web pages within a website, most robots will find the content in your website if other websites link to it. That is part of a process referred to as building reciprocal links. It is also one of the reasons why it is crucial to build the link popularity for a website, and to get links from other topical sites back to yours. It should be part of any website marketing strategy you choose.
When the search engine bot visits a website, it reads all the visible text on the web page, the content of the various tags in the source code (title tag, meta tags, comments tags, alt tags, attribute tags, content, etc.), as well as the text within the hyperlinks on the web page. From the content that it extracts, the search engine decides what the website, and web page is about.

The really intelligent part behind search engines is namely, compiling all the data that the bots have retrieved, as part of building the search engine index, or database. This part of indexing websites and web pages is attributable to the clever search engine engineers, who devise the rules and algorithms which are used to evaluate and score the information that search engine bots retrieve. Once the target website is added into the search engine’s database, that site’s information is available to users of that search engine.
Depending on how the bot was set up by the search engine, different pieces of information are gathered, weighted, indexed and then added to the search engine’s database. Clever use of the keywords within these webpage elements form part of what is known as “Search Engine Optimization.”

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