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Adjust Content to Appeal to Your Audience

A blog is a somewhat less formal method for businesses to spread their messages to their prospects and customers than other communications vehicles. Thus, blog writing can be significantly different from writing text for websites. In recent years, adroit copy writers have modified their styles so as to assure that visitors to their blogs will enjoy their visits and then recommend those blogs to others.     

In a sense, business enterprises might be well advised to learn how to market their blogs so as to attract readers to their blogs. There is an old maxim in the wild and wooly world of marketing, “free advertising is the best advertising.” If third parties visit your company’s blog regularly because they enjoy it and/or find useful information, they are likely to mention your blog in conversations. Accordingly, it might be wise to have someone in your organization with a good command of the English language endeavor to learn how to create and manage a very impressive blog that can add to your venture’s prestige. A site’s product pages can be loaded with information and data, but blog posts have more impact when they are short and sweet. Search engine optimization experts seem to agree that blog posts should be more than 300 words in length, but seldom longer than 500 words. The conventional wisdom is that blog readers are busy. So, provide readers with easy to read and understand data.  
People who have been bloggers for a long time have learned that, typically, many blog readers are not “techies”. So, their counsel is that the less jargon, the better. However, if you know that a large segment of your blog’s readership consists of tech types, you should use jargon, as appropriate. As you can well imagine, the better you know your readership, the better you can adjust your blog’s content so as to increase its appeal to your audience.  If in doubt, use less jargon.
Do your best to learn as much as you can about your blog’s readership. The conventional wisdom seems to be that blog readers are, by and large, good at multi-tasking and often pressed for time. So, think about using short sentences in your posts and limiting your paragraphs to 5 or 6 lines. Also, consider bullet points and the “kiss” (keep it simple, stupid) principle, strategically placed bold type, and straightforward, crystal-clear titles and subtitles. Further, images and/or graphics that enhance the impact of your post’s central point are also helpful.
Finally, the established marketing professionals in the world of blogging suggest that it is wise to set a tone for your blog and don’t deviate from it.  Apparently, a high percentage of bloggers have preferences and don’t want to be surprised.

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