Your 2013 Internet Marketing Plan

Why Your 2013 Internet Marketing Plan Should Include Keyword Research

Not so long ago, countless people with products or services to sell began to market their wares on the Internet. Many of them learned quickly that successful Internet marketing required flexibility and the skills to refine or remove some components of their original marketing plans. That education was acquired at “the school of hard knocks”. As you might expect, not all of those people succeeded.  Currently, many individuals and/or companies have (a) an idea or a product and (b) a website, but often do not succeed, because they do not have sufficient experience in the ever evolving world of Internet marketing. They are poorly equipped to create and implement plans that will (a) prompt Internet viewers to visit their websites, (b) increase the odds that what their site offers how to ensure these people are looking for exactly what it is they are currently trying to sell, and to make sure once the visitor arrives at their website they are presented with a website which will provide them with the information, tools, overall navigation structure and calls to action to make sure they buy the product(s) and/or services while at your site.

Creating and putting in place an effective Internet marketing plan may entail time and effort, but to become and remain competitive in today’s e-marketplace it is a necessity. The conventional wisdom nowadays is that excellent products, prices and services are a necessity, while superior  internet marketing provides the vehicle which permits purveyors to introduce potential customers or clients to their your fine products, services and prices.

A typical business person can learn the basics of generating targeted traffic, once he or she knows (a) specifically what the product or service is and (b) who the potential customers are. The next step is to find out what search queries these people are currently performing which will to present you with the highest potential to sell them your product or service. That is accomplished by what is called “keyword research“, which is defined by Wikipedia is “a practice used by search engine optimization (SEO) professionals to find and research actual search terms people enter into the search engines when conducting a search.”

Zeroing in on the ideal keywords could well be one of the most important factors in the future success of your business. There are a multitude of keyword research tools available these days, with one of them being tied to Google Adwords which is called the Google Keyword Tool.

It is a given that a business person’s thought patterns are different from those  of a search engine optimization expert. So, this question arises: How does a business person start to become knowledgeable about the elements of keyword utilization? Well the first step might be to conduct some research regarding “keyword research.”  The second step might well be a visit to: Google’s AdWords page.

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