Small Businesses Gain Innovative Edge in Tough Economy

Cloud Solutions for Greater Efficiency

In November, USA Today published an article, linked below, entitled “Small Businesses Tap Into Cloud For Efficiency.” It is part of a series of USA Today articles that “”¦chronicle how small businesses are using technology to operate more efficiently and cost-effectively in a competitive world. Each Monday, USA TODAY looks at how companies gain an innovative edge in a tough economy.”

The article focused on a woman who arranges birthday parties for toddlers and a gentleman who is the co-founder of a social network for IT professionals. What do they have in common? Well, each has benefited from what Cloud computing brings to the feast.

The toddler party entrepreneur became frustrated as she tried to impose order and discipline upon (a) accounting for (i) income and expenses as well as (ii) overseeing many bank and PayPal accounts used to pay vendors and (b) the software she used to manage her birthday entertainment service company.

Eventually, she found a Cloud-based website that simplified the efforts related to accomplishing the tasks in managing a small business by helping entrepreneurs pay the right taxes, organize their income and expenses, and keep their businesses on track. It would appear that a consensus is building that Cloud computing can simplify small business accounting by permitting  owners to handle a variety of accounts, create reports on spending patterns and itemize even obscure expense categories. Lured by the promise of simplicity and low cost, entrepreneurs are increasingly tapping into the Cloud to conduct business in ways that make pen and paper “” and desktop software “” obsolete.

Cloud computing started mostly as backup storage. However, recognizing that software could reside in the Cloud, as opposed to the innards of desktop computers, developers can integrate multiple applications into one single system, simultaneously sync data, and update information real-time for mobile device users.

Cheap and easy Cloud-based applications can be used for a range of tasks and services, from bookkeeping to conference calls to managing complex projects with far-flung colleagues.

A recent survey of information technology professionals found that 62% are using some type of Cloud application, up from 48% at the beginning of the year and 28% a year ago.  One reason that this trend may continue is that options available in the Cloud also permit entrepreneurs to reduce IT staff  by shifting the maintenance burden to application developers.

Source: USA Today

Cloud ERP Software Solutions and Support Services for Manufacturing and Wholesale Distribution Enterprises

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Cornerstone Consulting’s areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

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