SAP Introduced New Products at CeBIT 2013

SAP Recenly Announced New Products

In recognition of the demonstrable surge in enthusiasm for customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, SAP recently introduced a number of new products at the CeBIT 2013 conference in Germany.

One of the new products is the addition of SAP HANA to its SAP Business One ERP application for small and mid-sized enterprises (SME).  It is SAP’s  “in-memory” database and is the company’s impressive offering in the so-called “big data space”.

The SAP Business One for SAP HANA is now in limited shipment, but will soon be easily available. It provides companies a single user interface that shortens reporting response times, accelerates the speed of search and analysis tasks and also eliminates the requirement of a separate data warehouse.

SAP also introduced SAP Customer OnDemand which is an application that enables business owners to collect meaningful, detailed customer data and insights that can allow those owners to (a) understand their customers far better, (b) more efficiently lead customers through the purchasing process and (c) increase the odds that more customers will become uncompensated members of the marketing staff.  SAP Customer OnDemand combines (a) the advantages of consumer-grade design, social, mobile and Cloud technology with (b) deep customer insight and awareness-to-cash process automation.  It was artfully designed for marketing, sales and service organizations and is comprised of SAP® Sales OnDemand, SAP® Service OnDemand and SAP® Social OnDemand solutions as well as the SAP® Social Media Analytics application by NetBase. The result is a very remarkable solution which “re-imagines” what customer-centricity means for today’s enterprises.

SAP representatives at CeBIT 2013 stressed that SAP is devoted to providing business entities with the power to harness the right solutions for their various marketing, sales and customer service activities. Those representatives also stressed that SAP continues to invest in quarterly updates for the products. SAP Customer OnDemand enables sales, service and marketing organizations to understand, engage and delight customers like never before at every stage of the customer journey.

It is a given that modern-day sales representatives expect very well designed applications which they can easily personalize based on their selling procedures so as to help them work effectively to engender an impressive customer experience. The new home page for SAP Customer OnDemand, which brings consumer-grade user experience to sales professionals, was well received at CeBIT 2013. The “dashboard” feature equips the user with everything he or she needs to know about the customer to orchestrate the sale from beginning to end. Based on what they deem relevant, insightful and productive, sales professionals can personalize the home page through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

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