The Value of Your Email List

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Your Business Email List Can be an Asset

While your attorneys and accountants might not let you include your email list as an asset on your company’s balance sheet, it is definitely valuable.  It is axiomatic that the longer your email list, the more potential customers or clients you can reach with each email.  However, creating an effective email list can sometimes be difficult for owners of small businesses.

A well maintained email list has the potential to become a very valuable asset of your enterprise.  One reason is that enhancing an existing business relationship is easier than finding prospects in order to create new customers or clients.  But, building an email list can be challenging.

One way to build an email list is to market a product or service by means of a list owned by, or belonging to another party.  The commission on sales is  usually split 50/50.  However, if the main goal is building your own list, it is sometimes advisable to pay a higher commission to the list provider.  The primary purpose of engaging in a joint venture is to generate an enduring relationship with a list of satisfied customers who will become regular customers and will generate additional business for you as unpaid spokespeople.

Another proven way to expand an email list is to write articles and submit them to free article sites such as ezine articles, Go Articles and InfoBarrel. Include in your articles a link to your website (or a video on your site), as well as a call to action in the author’s resource box.

Remember that your email subscribers are people too. So, let your personality show. Good writing really matters in marketing, and one email marketing expert suggests that “writing like a human” can really make a significant difference in connecting with customers. “Drop all the marketing and sales-speak. Just like social media, one of the great things about email is that it has allowed businesses to speak in a more casual voice with their customers and fans. This means you can be funny and loose in the ways you get your messages across,” he explains. “Write to your readers like they’re people, not customers or subscribers, because that’s exactly what they are.”

Remember, email is no longer confined to a PC or laptop, or limited to folks who have access to their computers. Millions upon millions of people now can access their email virtually everywhere throughout the day. So, that means marketers can now better target prospects and deliver more time sensitive offers promotions during busy shopping periods.

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