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The Challenges of Mobile Web and Technology

Consumers aren’t the only ones who struggle to keep up with the latest smartphone or tablet versions, Web-based TV trends, and operating system updates. It might surprise the majority of Americans that multitudes of large businesses, mid-size businesses, small businesses, charitable organizations, non-profits, governmental entities and other major organizations find it very difficult to stay abreast of the myriad devices and methods by which prospects, customers, clients and others employ to gain access to their websites.

Marketing executives understand that the rapid growth of multi-purpose devices coupled with the constant variations/improvements entering the markets have made it much more difficult for businesses to create and maintain Internet experiences that will meet the criteria of savvy consumers.

The “tablet explosion” is a marketing reality that has established “legs” and exhibits no indication of decelerating. In fact, month-to-month sales grew by double digits in January with Apple’s iPad in first place, followed by the Samsung’ Android-based tablets. Pundits tend to agree that the mobile marketplace (a) is not monolithic, (b) reaches well beyond smartphone and tablet screen sizes and (c) embraces a very wide array of differences in context, proficiency and device specifications — all of which must be considered when creating a stout, defensible mobile marketing strategy.

Within the mobile Web overall, Android led the field by earning 41 percent of the market share in January, just ahead of Apple’s iOS, which earned a 37 percent market share. Some pundits suggest that the Android fragmentation issue, however, should be a red flag for brands trying to build consistent Web experiences. One expert stated, “This evidence creates a serious challenge for brands, as more devices come in numerous different technologies, sizes and configurations”¦Without adopting a fully future-proofed multi-screen multi-channel approach, companies risk falling behind and ultimately wasting money and losing customers.”

The same dangers lie in not incorporating 4G(a) and NFC(b) into mobile devices, the company said. The proportion of traffic from LTE-capable smartphones accessing the Web increased more than three times from July 2012 to Jan. 2013, and hits from NFC-capable devices increased by 146 percent.

The above mentioned expert also stated: “Many enterprises are just not preparing fast enough to develop for consumer expectations”¦But the ones that do will have a significant competitive advantage driving brand loyalty and monetization of users.”


(a) In telecommunications, 4G is the fourth generation of mobile phone / mobile communications technology standards.

(b) Near field communication (NFC) is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them into close proximity, usually no more than a few centimeters.

No Cost or Obligation Business Mobility Analysis

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