Mobile Searchers Can Have Easy Access to Your Facebook Website

Facebook recently introduced a facility entitled “Home” for website developers who want mobile searchers to have easy access to their websites.  Facebook expects that Home will (a) make it quite easy to fund new applications and (b) help site developers to update websites of customers and prospects.

Facebook’s original intent was to put a user’s friends at the center of the mobile phone. But, according to Facebook, as the process evolved it morphed into a new way to help people discover their apps and re-engage with existing users, the company said.  Thus, when Home was introduced it consisted of a group of apps and a skin that runs over Android.  Google spokespeople stated that users will be able to download the user interface in the Google Play store and that related links would be found in its Facebook and messenger apps.  Facebook representatives said that there would be monthly updates to add features and broader availability, and it also will expand the product to tablets.

In a subsequent blog post, Facebook announced that many new feature of Home should be quite helpful to developers.  One such feature is “cover feed,” which permits a user to access app content from their News Feed immediately after he or she turns on the phone.  In addition, Facebook reported that it has made it easier for users to deal with “app content” by letting them to simply “double tap” to like a post and comment right from cover feed. In addition, at launch, Open Graph stories with user-generated photos will be supported in cover feed, Facebook said. Along with cover feed, notifications will be bigger and bolder and will be right on the phone home screen.

Facebook said it has made improvements to notifications to make them “more engaging” and easier to interact with. Also, “Chat heads” (a Facebook feature for Android devices, that provides users a way to stay in constant contact with friends, no matter what they’re doing on their mobile devices)  are now set up in a way that permits users to receive and respond to messages without ever having to leave an app.  Further, Home’s app launcher makes it easy for people to get to apps quickly. Users are able to choose which apps are on their launcher. A representative of Home announced that “This release is a first step and we’ll continue to improve Home — including enabling support for additional Open Graph story types.”

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