SAP Continues to Improve SAP HANA

SAP Enhances HANA Experience

SAP recently entered a new era of beauty, power and simplicity with advances on three fronts, all aimed at enhancing the overall experience with the SAP HANA platform. A visually appealing, intuitive and intelligent user experience with SAP Fiori apps, simplified cloud-based deployment options for the infrastructure of SAP HANA and powerful new features in service pack 7 (SP7) for SAP HANA are all intended to address the needs of the real-time enterprise for customers, developers, startups and partners alike. The announcement was made at SAP TechEd, being held October 21-25 in Las Vegas.  Dr. Vishal Sikka, a member of the Executive Board of SAP AG, Products & Innovation said: “With this latest release of SAP HANA, we enhance our users’ experience with beautiful design and simplify access to all the powerful new features of the platform. We are achieving the unprecedented ability to calculate in real time things that were previously unimaginable with SAP HANA on 10,000 CPU cores. This is quite literally making the impossible possible. This is the ‘SAP HANA Effect’ and it is changing the landscape of IT.”

As a result of the success and demand for SAP Fiori, SAP has launched user experience (UX) design services which will allow customers take advantage of the “design thinking” approach. The services will be delivered by a team of professional designers working alongside customers in a new, collaborative style that stresses “real end-user participation” so as to enhance compelling user experiences across any app or solution. The team will employ innovative design methodologies, including design thinking, user research, interaction design and visual design so as to create end user-focused business scenarios and apps. The team will work with customers to extend existing SAP solutions with new user interfaces, to co-innovate and to wholly create new apps and solutions. One executive who attended SAP TechEd said, “We have the tools and technologies to support a user-centered design methodology. Now we have to change the way we engage. Design skills are rapidly becoming the premium.”

With the advent of SP7 for SAP HANA, the open application development experience is planned to be broadened and is intended to be language-agnostic. Developers will be able to take advantage of the core data services (CDS) and pre-packaged data quality libraries to foster reuse and rapid development.

In addition, SAP HANA smart access technology has been (a) enhanced with the capability to write and (b) extended to include sources such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. To address the fast and nimble nature of today’s market, SAP plans to introduce new subscription-based options for the infrastructure of SAP HANA to allow simpler deployment in a matter of minutes. Customers, startups and partners are envisioned to bring their SAP HANA license and access infrastructure directly from the SAP HANA Marketplace.


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