Amazing Features SMEs May Want to Know About SAP Business One

Leveraging Features in SAP Business One to Your Advantage

If you want to get the most out of your SAP Business One (SAP B1) enterprise resource planning (ERP), you may want to make sure you take advantage of some amazing features currently available in the system. The standard features within SAP Business One were specifically designed to help you get the most out of your investment. Understanding how to leverage the features can save you time and money. It can also provide you with a foundation for understanding the more advanced features found in SAP Business One. Going back to the basics of SAP B1 could uncover features not yet discovered and refresh your memory on the benefits available to new and experienced Business One users.

Here are 5 features every small to midsized business should know no matter your experience level:

1. Personalized Menus

SAP B1 makes it easy for you to determine which  items and modules you’d like to displayed in your main menu. You do this by going into form settings, choosing main menu and then checking or deselecting the items you would like make visible. This feature is useful because it removes any unwanted modules. Authorizations can be applied to specific user accounts.

2. Function Keys

You can assign keys to functions. Once assigned, you can start transactions by pressing the right function key. This capability is available within any feature under any module.

3. Drag & Relate

If you’d like to make a quick query, using the drag and relate functionality is efficient in linking business objects together. You can drag data from an item record into a master record to a module in the main menu and immediately be provided withe the information you need.

4. Online Help and System Message Log

You can receive help from a variety of resources with SAP Business One. The help which is available to you online is extremely simple to use and can provide great answers to your questions. In addition, within SAP B1, Errors and System Messages will be easily displayed for you so that you can be proactive and address any issue which may arise. The messages (which appear at the bottom of your screen) are specific to things like Errors, alerts concerning issues, etc.

5. General System Display Parameters

If you have personal display preferences for things like currency, color, unit length, width, and language, such changes can easily be made within the system (by going to: Administration -> System Initialization -> General Settings).


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