Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications/systems/software solutions are utilized by manufacturers and distributors to ensure that the critical data relating to the core areas of business, such as: financial accounting; customer relationship management (CRM) for sales and service management; inventory tracking-control-management; and material requirement planning (MRP) is all in one integrated and completely unified system. In addition, having the ability to generate accurate, company-wide analytical reports, in real-time, is of tremendous value to leaders of manufacturing and distribution companies. By design, the ERP modules and analytics reporting capabilities within SAP Business One can meet the technical needs and processes of growing small and midsize manufacturers and/or distributors.

ERP Planning Tips

  • Perform a thorough ERP needs analysis
  • Consider if customizations to the out-of-the-box ERP system and/or Add-on functionality are necessary
  • Review what is involve in the Annual Maintenance and system upgrades
  • Plan the implementation strategies, designate resources, and arrange schedule


Why Manufacturers and/or Distributors Consider Cornerstone Consulting as Valued ERP Consultants

Cornerstone Consulting has been working with small and midsize businesses for more than thirty years. We specialize in making companies outrageously efficient.


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