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Warehouse management software solutions are used by manufacturers and distributors to help control the movement and storage of materials. The functionality built into enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, such as SAP Business One, facilitates the  transactions, including shipping, receiving, putaway and picking processes. By design, the software provides real-time information about the status of bin utilization. With the up-to-the-minute information about bin utilization, you can easily direct and optimize stock putaway. You can monitor the progress of products through the warehouse. With instant visibility into the product stations you can have better tracking, control and communication.

Not only can the warehouse management within SAP Business One (also known as Business One and SAP B1) help you easily track the receipt, storage and movement of goods, (in most cases, finished goods), to intermediate storage areas, it can also track all transactions involved in the delivery of goods to the customer. For some manufacturers and/or distributors, there may be multiple levels of warehouses. Multiple levels of warehouses can include a central, regional and retail facilities located in different geographical areas.

The warehouse management system within SAP Business One is designed for automatic identification and data capture technology. Bar code scanners, mobile computers, wireless LANs and potentially radio-frequency identification (RFID) can easily integrate with the ERP system and dramatically improve the monitoring of the flow of products. Once goods have been scanned and the data collected, there is either a batch synchronization with, or a real-time wireless transmission to the central database. The database can then provide useful reports for data analysis concerning the status of goods in the warehouse(s).

Benefits of Using Mobile Devices for Better Inventory Management

Bar code scanners, RFID, and mobile computers can be effective mobile solutions for improving logistics. When mobile solutions are used in conjunction with bar code scanners, inventory data is more accurately captured and manual workflow can be automated. Streamlining workflow processes can reduce errors, improve data accuracy, and make warehouse control more effective.

Looking for Bar code and Scanning Solutions for SAP Business One?

Cornerstone would be happy to provide you with suggestions for bar code readers if you plan to streamline your inventory and warehouse management. In some instances, bar code scanners that connect to smartphones and tablets might be a better fit for your organization than mobile computers and hand-held scanners. Mobile computers and hand-held scanners require specific integration to work well with apps available currently on the market. Further, mobile computers and hand-held scanners require hands-on management for bug fixes, patches and upgrades. Our team will review your needs and will let you know if any additional customization will be required for successful installation of bar code readers for your Business One system.


Researching ERP Software With Inventory and Warehouse Management

SAP Business One SAP’s best selling ERP system. It is the fastest selling ERP solution on the market for these reasons:

1. It is simple to use. Please see the SAP Business One iTour

2. It is affordable. Professional (super) users approx. $3,000. Limited (financial, logistics, CRM) users approx. $1,500

3. Built by the world leaders in ERP, SAP, on the latest software and technology platform. Can be run on iPads and iPhones

SAP Business One is a fully integrated business management system which includes functionality around financials, sales, purchasing, distribution, HR and customer relationship management (CRM). In short, all the functionality you expect from a larger enterprise system, but substantially less to purchase and much faster to implement ““ a low risk option for your growing manufacturing, wholesale distribution or online retail business.

SAP’s best selling ERP for small and midsize businesses (SMB and SME) can be installed and run on your on-premise server or in a cloud. The database options are MS SQL and SAP HANA (for querying data at lightning fast speeds). MS SQL is a traditional database. SAP HANA is an in memory database.

As a singular data system, right “out of the box” the software offers completely integrated:

  • Financials
  • Sales Opportunity Management
  • Order Entry
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Warranty
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Business Partner (Customer/Vendor) Management
  • Banking
  • Inventory
  • RMA
  • Production Entry
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Service Management
  • HR Management
  • Crystal Reports Reporting Engine
  • Dashboard and Analytics Displays

If you are researching enterprise resource planning business management software systems, and would like more information about the fastest selling ERP program on the market,  Cornerstone Consulting specializes in:

  • SAP Business One ERP
  • Electronic and Mobile Commerce
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Bar codes and Scanning
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Business Analytics
  • Internet
  • Databases (SAP HANA)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Custom Programming
  • Web Development

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With integrated accounting, CRM, inventory management, and warehouse management, your business can maximize performance. Call us today to schedule your web demonstration of this amazing ERP software system.

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Want your growing small or medium business enterprise (SMB and SME) to run better? SAP Business One is designed to make workflow more efficient through out your entire enterprise. We can help you streamline warehouse inventory management with the use of mobile solutions, out-maneuver competitors, improve interactions with each customer, have better solutions for finding new customers, and transform your business with the latest in technology. Looking forward to helping you and your business get to the next level. For immediate answers to questions about SAP Business One sales, support, and services, contact Cornerstone Consulting at 813-321-1300.

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