Stress Less and Celebrate More of Life with SAP Business One Software

Stress Less and Celebrate More of Life with SAP B1 for Your Business


To Increase Your Business Productivity, SAP is the Solution

Individual stress is one of the greatest and most common obstacles businesses face. Just like a fungus, stress can spread into every area of life. Sadly, stress can affect your ability to focus and perform tasks adequately.

The Global Benefit Attitudes survey of twenty thousand employees, across twelve different countries including the United States and the United Kingdom, revealed that “over half of those employees claiming to be experiencing high stress levels reported they were disengaged”. Additional research from Towers and Watson further confirmed that, “employees suffering from high stress levels have lower engagement, are less productive and have higher absenteeism levels than those not working under excessive pressure”. Stress can have a dramatic effect on small and midsize businesses. The stress can slow down productivity and, as a result, cause profit potential to plummet. Regrettably, many modern stress-relief tools only act as a band-aid for the real issue: disorganization in your business.


Lago di ToblinoFortunately Florida’s most trusted SAP software reseller, Cornerstone Consulting, Inc., provides small and midsize businesses with an efficient and cost-effective software solution called SAP Business One  to manufacturers, distributors, and online retail businesses. The business management software  connects business team members, streamlines operations and significantly reduces business-related stress. For more than three solid decades Cornerstone’s software consultants have helped thousands of small and midsize business leaders implement comprehensive and incredibly user-friendly enterprise resource planning (ERP) software systems. SAP B1 works perfectly to help you better manage your entire business. By design, the software integrate all of your disconnected business system tools (i.e. research, plans, records, reports, administration, finances, assets, inventory, e-commerce, shipping, wholesale distribution and marketing methods, etc.) into one platform. As a result of using such an intuitive software system you can immediately start benefiting from a clear view of what’s going in your business under this single software solution. You’ll watch as your enterprise experiences fewer errors, saves extensive training time and improves sales enough to expand faster than you even thought possible. SAP Business One is a great business software solution for reducing stress. With SAP, you can finally connect all departments within your company and manage your business better than ever. Now that’s a fact to help you relax!


To Review:

  • Business-related stress is linked to lower engagement, more absenteeism and less productivity, causing profit potential to plummet
  • SAP Business One is the stress-relief software solution you need to finally get organized, manage your business better and at last, relax!


Expand Your Business and Celebrate More of Life with the SAP Solution

It should come with no shock that stress impedes our ability to connect with others and meet our ideal performance standards. The legendary John Hancock, renowned as the first gentleman to sign the Declaration of Independence once stated, “The greatest ability in business is to get along with others and influence their actions.” SAP Business One allows small and midsize businesses to have all divisions of the company unified, within one database. SAP Business One also provides it’s users with an unparalleled customer relationship management a.k.a. CRM feature, that is accessible from any area of the software system. With the CRM feature accessible from all areas of the business software system, your employees can quickly and easily manage the entire relationship with your leads, customers and vendors. As the entire system is connected, you can easily track and manage every action with your leads, customers and vendors. You can instantly see all communications and tasks related to communications with leads all the way through the sale and into long term customer account management. Tasks that often involve many costly apps, tools and usable employee time, is instantly streamlined and vastly improved.

Cornerstone’s clients could not be happier with SAP B1 because it saves valuable time and money, allowing them to celebrate both the success of their company and more of what matters most: Life. If you’re ready to stress less and celebrate more of life then you need to connect with Cornerstone’s software consultants today and get started on implementing SAP Business One for your business, now.


To Review:

  • SAP Business One affords you the ability to improve and influence important business relationships with its unparalleled CRM feature.
  • If you’re ready to celebrate greater success in business and life then you need to connect with Cornerstone to implement SAP B1, today.


SAP: Software Solutions for Small and Midsize Business Management

If you’re business leader seeking less stress and more success for your company then you need to ask about our team’s SAP Business One ERP system. So, don’t wait to connect with our team’s certified SAP Business One consultants at 813-321-1300.


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