SAP Business One Grants SME’s Credibility with Consumers


Small and Midsize Business Enterprises (SMB/SME) Instantly Benefit From Using SAP Business One


front-004The SAP Business One ERP (i.e. enterprise resource planning) software platform offers smart business leaders the opportunity to have invaluable insight into their daily business processes. The ERP system also simultaneously provides them with better visibility into their entire operation. Small and midsize enterprises are successfully served with features like SAP Business One’s track-and-trace or traceability technology, CRM (i.e. customer relationship management), functionality for cutting-edge barcoding, in addition to inventory, purchasing, financial accounting, shipping and wholesale distribution management software. In addition, with SAP’s mobile application for iPhone and iPads, you can literally carry your business with you anywhere. With Internet access, you can have instant access to the system while out of the office. Essentially, you can see all of the critical information about your entire organization, from anywhere in the world, at any time.


Credibility Cornered with SAP Business One


SAP Business One grants SME’s greater credibility with consumers through features like streamlined shipping and inventory tracking software. The software allows you to easily connect with your manufacturers, vendors and distributors to get the final product to your customers quickly, efficiently and without waste. Furthermore, this incredible software’s traceability technology will allow you to accurately track, control, and manage every aspect of your supply chain. In the event of a product defect or recall, you can swiftly and easily identify the origination as well as the current location of all of your items.



  • SAP Business One software allows business leaders to have instant visibility into the mission critical data for their entire operation.
  • Secure your customers peace of mind and your company’s credibility with the SAP Business One ERP system.


Cornerstone Consultants Provides SME’s with SAP Business One


Cornerstone Consulting, contact-page-b1Inc. has served thousands of small and midsize retailers, distributors and manufacturers in the Tampa Bay area and throughout the United States for more than thirty years. Our reliable and talented software consulting team has helped build up businesses, so that they could grow and expand with ease. Our talented team enjoys helping businesses that strive to provide the amazing products and services to their customers. We encourage the use of SAP Business One and other SAP products because we’ve seen it work with incredible effectiveness for SME’s many years. The software is designed to save your business money and time and be a relevant platform for your organization to use now and well into the future. There’s not a single part of your business that won’t experience measurable improvement as a result of implementing the SAP Business One ERP system.



  • SME’s see measurable improvement as a result of implementing the SAP Business One ERP system.
  • Businesses experience measurable improvement as a result of implementing the SAP Business One ERP system.


SAP: Software Solutions for Small and Midsize Business Management

If you’re a business leader interested in connecting with team Cornerstone Consulting about our SAP Business One ERP system, act today. You can connect with our team’s certified SAP Business One consultants at 813-321-1300.


Cornerstone Consulting’s successful software team will help you increase efficiency right away with:

  • SAP Business One
  • Electronic and Mobile Commerce
  • Business Intelligence (BI)
  • Bar codes and Scanning
  • Custom Programming
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Web Development
  • Business Analytics
  • Cloud Computing
  • Internet

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