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SAP Business One Serves Manufacturers Perfectly

One of the many amazing tools included in SAP business One‘s comprehensive ERP (i.e. enterprise resource planning) software package is a cutting-edge manufacturing feature. By using the manufacturing feature within SAP Business One, small and midsize business leaders can drastically increase the speed with which they go to market. With SAP B1 you can plan your production processes further ahead.The built-in material requirements planning (MRP) feature allows you to quickly and easily order the items you will need in advance of production, or on an as needed basis. You can also accurately track inventory as it moves through your warehouse, manage bulk order requests and ship out products to customers with punctuality and reliability. The system is so flexible that you can automate many production processes and streamline each job’s work flow. As a result, not only will the software help you provide exceptional customer service, the system is designed to make it easier for you to expand into new markets.

warehouse-managementTampa’s distinguished Cornerstone Consulting team, believes in empowering our manufacturing clients. We enjoy providing you with the business management software solutions that help you not only serve you customers better, but also assist you in easily going to market. With the right software, you can plan for your future well in advance. In addition, you can easily streamline work-flows and manage resources wisely.

Successful manufacturers understand the value of SAP Business One‘s manufacturing module. The software system provides you with the functionality to accurately plan (with the MRP), efficiently produce goods, effectively fulfill orders, and serve clients satisfactorily on any scale, small or large. The business management software system is scalable, and can grow with you as your business expands.


Key Features:

  • Subcontracting.
  • Comprehensive work centers.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Production planning and scheduling.
  • Reduced lead times and work in progress.
  • Provide secure and predictable delivery times.
  • Calculate accurate and reliable order margins.
  • Reduce held stock and therefore capital expenditure.
  • Sales, Purchasing, M.R.P. (i.e. materials requirements planning).
  • Gain higher machine and labor utilization rates with fewer indirect hours.
  • Get valuable reports on production jobs, warehouse and financial performance.
  • Working time can be defined down to the minute allowing for planned maintenance.
  • Dramatically reduce planning time and improve responsiveness to demand changes.
  • Benefit from an operation plan (i.e. B.O.M. or bill of materials and routing) for any amount of definable variables.


Cornerstone Helps Manufacturers Succeed with SAP B1

Companies performing light manufacturing find SAP Business One ideal because they get greater control and visibility of their supply chain, automation of major production processes and enhanced speed-to-market. At Cornerstone Consulting, Inc. we’ve worked to implement SAP Business One for a wide variety of business manufacturing methods including make-to-order, assembly, engineer-to-order, single and batch unit, variant part, etc. We’ve also been honored as one of the top 100 Accounting and ERP software consulting firms in the nation. So we have a strong background and a wealth of experience meeting the specific and unique needs of manufacturers just like you.

manufacturersFor more than three decades Cornerstone Consulting‘s software technicians, programmers, analysts, CPAs, and marketers have worked together to successfully supply many small and midsize business leaders, nationwide, with the right business management software systems. We understand how to help manufacturers attain greater enterprise-wide efficiency. SAP B1 is a great solution for manufacturers and Cornerstone can help you leverage the software and technology to your advantage.



  • SAP B1‘s manufacturing feature offers you greater control and visibility of supply chains, automation of major production processes and enhanced speed-to-market.
  • Cornerstone Consulting has a wealth of experience meeting the specific and unique needs of manufacturers 


SAP: Software Solutions for Small and Midsize Business Management

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