SAP Business One Supports Small Business Innovators Needs and Interests

SAP Business One and Innovation


Small Business Innovators Benefit from SAP Business One

Driven business executives seek to identify formulas for better innovation. When businesses utilize the innovative software and/or technology solutions effectively, they grow with ease. So it’s certainly satisfying to know that according to statistics presented by Bloomberg’s 2015 Global Innovation Index, the United States ranks within the top ten out of the top fifty nations for innovation. Furthermore, of the six categories ranked for hi-tech companies, patents, manufacturing, research and development, the U.S. was in the top ten. Built upon state of the art technology and cutting edge software, SAP Business One is known as one of the most innovative enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems on the market. SAP proudly states that seventy-seven percent of their SAP B1 customers are owners of small to mid-sized businesses, just like yours.



Innovation is an essential and unique aspect of growth in business environments. It requires even the most forward thinking business owners to take time to explore how they plan to achieve their big picture goals for the future. Innovative business owners turn good ideas into reality. However, without excellent organization and reliable management strategies, making space for creativity is difficult and time-intensive at the very least. By streamlining critical business processes, the SAP Business One software system affords business leaders everywhere the unique opportunity to be creative. Thus, SAP B1 allows you to place your focus where you need to with confidence that your business operations will flow better than ever. Through this single platform you can connect your CEO, CFO, head of sales, head of products and key team members completely. Your: inventory tracking and wholesale distribution process will be organized;  financial reports will be reliably accurate;  barriers between you and your ease of access to critical information about your business can be eliminated, and many redundant tasks can be automated with SAP B1.



  • Right at the center of the technological revolution for small and midsize businesses is SAP Business One.
  • Your inventory and wholesale distribution process will be organized; your financial reports will be reliably accurate; and the barriers between you and critical information about your business can be eliminated with SAP B1.


Cornerstone Consulting Experts Guide the Innovators with SAP B1

SAP B1 is a brilliantly constructed, comprehensive ERP (i.e. enterprise resource planning) software system designed to streamline efficiency in your distribution process, provide company specific data, reliable financial reports and invaluable customer relationship tools that help to authentically connect you to customers. This inspirational business management system fosters greater time to breathe, more room for creativity and desirable results such as, increased profits for expansion, etc. On this journey to expansion you can rely on the Cornerstone Consulting, Inc. team for technical guidance.


contact-page-b1Our software consultants at Cornerstone have skillfully served ingenious business leaders of small to midsize companies, for decades. We understand how much you value your time, capital and plans for the future. Our consultants can help you save time, cut expenses, streamline operations and reach your goals affordably with SAP B1. Let our record of success serve as a testament to our talent, expertise and dedication to you. Innovative enterprise leaders everywhere remember to connect with Cornerstone and start growing your business today.



  • Software consultants at Cornerstone have skillfully served ingenious entrepreneurs for decades.
  • We can help you save time, streamline operations and reach your goals affordably with SAP B1.


SAP: Software Solutions for Small and Midsize Business Management

If you’re small to midsize business innovator interested in connecting with team Cornerstone Consulting about our SAP Business One ERP system, act today. You can connect with our team’s certified SAP Business One consultants at 813-321-1300.


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Cornerstone Consulting’s successful software team will help you increase efficiency right away with:

  • SAP Business One
  • Electronic and Mobile Commerce
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  • Bar codes and Scanning
  • Custom Programming
  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Web Development
  • Business Analytics
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