SAP Business One Advances Accounting with Big Data


Why Big Data Matters for Modern SME’s

front-001Many small and midsize business enterprise (SMB / SME) leaders are beginning to take a serious look at the advantages of big data in the interest of greater financial savings and overall operations efficiency. Even though some experts estimate as much as 90% of all the data humanity has generated is less than two years old, today’s businesses are now able to collect and store information on everything from customer purchase preferences and competitors progress to the performance of various workplace tools. The new problem many SME teams run into is adequate and ethical use of all of this information. How do you take such vast quantities of data and use it to guide future business decisions? Software consultants counsel SME’s to get the best out of their data. When small or midsize companies use software and technology like SAP Business One ERP (i.e. enterprise resource planning), processes related to performing data analysis and generating accurate analytical reports are made simple and easy.

SAP Business One is a user-friendly, small business software solution designed to unify and automate every area of your business. It is a single software system with
comprehensive functionality. Unlike most other small-business products on the market, SAP Business One is a single, integrated application for managing the entire business.
You do not need separate installations and complex integration of multiple components for your company’s departments to be connected.

The SAP Business One ERP system enables you to simplify and automate financials management. It provides a comprehensive and integrated set of tools that allows you to manage all the accounting and financial processes in your company. The SAP Business One application provides a reliable, integrated solution to streamline your financial operations. It automates your everyday financial tasks and integrates them with other business processes, such as purchasing and sales, in real time, resulting in faster transactions and improved cash flow.  By design, the software eliminates inefficient and error-prone accounting and financial processes due to duplicate data entries and lack of integration between financial data and key business functions, such as purchasing, warehousing, and sales.  Further, unlike many other software systems on the market, SAP Business One provides users with access to the full range of accurate financial information needed to complete month-end closings and make informed business decisions.  Small and midsize businesses use SAP Business One for better management of:

  • Accounting — Automatically handle all key accounting processes, such as journal entries,
    accounts receivable, and accounts payable
  • Controlling (or cost accounting) — Accurately manage cash flow, track budgets, and compare actual and planned figures
  • Banking and reconciliation — Quickly process all reconciliations and all bank statements and payments by various methods, including checks, cash, credit cards, and bank transfers
  • Financial reporting and analysis — Create a wide range of standard or customized financial reports from real-time data for business planning and audit reviews

SAP Business One ERP can streamline all of your financial operations.  As all of the financial processes in your company can be automated, integrated and managed within a single software solution, data entry errors can be eliminated.  You can close your books faster by automating the process.  You will have the ability to instantly access accurate and timely financial information at your fingertips.  With SAP Business One you can have a unified financial view of your entire business by integrating accounting data with sales, purchasing, inventory, and operational information.  As you’ll have instant access to up-to-the-minute real time enterprise-wide data, you can make better informed business decisions.

SAP Business One contains embedded CRM functionality that most small businesses need, including support for managing contacts, sales opportunities and pipeline, and after-sales support. The system offers integrated business intelligence functionalities such as SAP Crystal Reports and includes a library of predefined reports, layouts, and graphical presentation options for a better user experience. It also provides users with a Global Search tool which enables faster access to information.


Upgrading Business Accounting with SAP Business One

SME’s can begin tapping into the full potential of their data right away by using the SAP Business One ERP system to improve accounting and overall financial operations. To start small business teams can benefit from using SAP Business One for instant access to accurate, up-to-the-minute data. In addition to being able to easily access data, the information is presented in a format that is not complicated to view. The system also makes it easy for you to further simplify and easily group your data. This simply means that the tons of individual and separate bits of information you’ve collected from customer feedback to manufacturing and distribution can be quickly and easily accessed and viewed. Your teams can easily analyze and organize their data into categories. When your team members have a more complete understanding of the most critical financial and operational data, they can make better, more informed decisions. For example, your consumer feedback data might reveal that you can save money by offering some customers a digital version of paper products (i.e. newsletter, instruction manual, receipts, etc.) rather than a physical item. With SAP Business One, you and your staff can more easily see relevant business data, quickly respond to trends, find ways to properly allocate company capital and more.



Research Insights Reveals:

  • With SAP software you can expect your overall enterprise performance to increase by more than 30%
  • As much as 90% of all data generated is less than two years old
  • SME’s are able to store data on everything from customers and competitors to overall workplace performance
  • Proper use of big data is the new problem SME’s face and SAP software can be used to apply meaningful solutions


Key Insights:

  • SAP Business One analyzes and organizes data for better business decision-making.
    • SME’s can use SAP Business One and get the most out of big data to improve accounting operations and save money.
  • SAP B1 offers users high quality business analytics and business intelligence.
    • Data analysis insights in real-time. Plus, mobile friendly applications.
  • Plus, SAP Business One powered by HANA can now help you manage massive data sets.
    • Big data integration, analysis and reporting at lightning speed.


Stats and Facts on SAP Business One for SME’s:

  • Fastest selling Enterprise Resource Planning System on the Market
  • Software is provided by the largest business management software company and global ERP leader: SAP
  • Small business management software comes with Crystal Reports built-in for your convenience
  • Incomparable Business Analytics and Business Intelligence with high quality Data Analysis Insights are included
  • Simple to use and easy to customize (role-based, cockpits with dashboards, software development kit are built-in)
  • Personalized (You can set it up so that you use only the functionality that helps you complete tasks at peak performance)
  • Global Search (Search for any kind of data from anywhere in the SAP Business One system)
  • One-click Drill Down (Easily access the information you need with one click capability)
  • Access SAP Business One from your Mobile Device


A Single, User-Friendly Database for the Modern User Experience

All of your business data is in one comprehensive software system, unifying:

  • Customer Relationship Management (i.e. CRM)
  • Built-in Crystal Reports, Reporting Engine
  • Material Requirements Planning (i.e. MRP)
  • Return Materials Authorization (i.e. RMA)
  • Customer/Vendor Management
  • Sales Opportunity Management
  • Accounts Receivable (i.e. A/R)
  • Accounts Payable (i.e. A/P)
  • Order Entry/Sales Orders
  • Inventory Management
  • Service Management
  • Production Entry
  • HR Management
  • Fixed Assets
  • Financials
  • Warranty
  • Banking


Connect with SAP Partner and Value-Added Reseller, Cornerstone Consulting, for SAP Business One

contact-page-b1Cornerstone Consulting, Inc. is an SAP Business partner, top value added reseller (VAR) of the SAP Business One enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system and a leading provider of e-commerce add-on applications for SAP Business One. Founded in 1983, Cornerstone is a privately owned information technology (IT) company that provides a full suite of software and technology solutions to thousands of small and midsize business clients throughout North America, South America, the Caribbean and Canada. Our main, corporate office is conveniently located in sunny Tampa Bay, Florida.

If you’re interested in working with innovative technology consultants, web developers and programmers with a reliable IT firm specializing in business automation and optimization, then we’re your business dream team. You can rely on Cornerstone to provide you with state of the art business software products, services and technical support for every area of your small or medium sized business. We’ll help you with accounting, overall financials, customer relationship management, sales, e-commerce, MRP (i.e. material requirements planning), inventory control, traceability, warehouse management, shipping, additional business operations and just about anything more you may need help with for your business’ sustainability and success. Our highly skilled programmers, trainers and consultants specialize in providing clients with manufacturing, wholesale distribution, professional service and online retail business optimization needs through the configuration, integration and automation of cutting-edge SAP Business One software.

If you’re business leader interested in connecting with the dream team at Cornerstone Consulting about this amazing ERP system, act today. You can connect with our team’s certified SAP Business One consultants at 813-321-1300.

Review and Learn More About the Fastest Selling ERP System on the Market, SAP Business One:

  • Provided by the largest business management software company and global ERP leaders, SAP
  • Super easy to use: SAP Business One iTour
  • Affordable solution for growing small and mid-size business


SAP Business One ERP Software: Solutions for Small and Midsize Business Management

Looking for amazing business software and support team to make operations lean and substantially increase the efficiency of your entire organization? Search no more!

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  • SAP Business One
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SAP Business One Tech Support

As award-winning value added resellers (VARs), our highly skilled, U.S. based programmers, consultants, implementation specialists, and trainers will not only ensure that you meet your efficiency goals but also help your business run better than ever previously imagined.


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