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Preventative Maintenance through SAP Business One

If you want your physical body to remain at optimal health and strength, you have to take care of it through routine preventative maintenance including, exercise, sound nutrition and consistent consultation with physical health experts, physicians, etc. So why wouldn’t we take a similar approach for the businesses we’re responsible for and the systems that keep them going? Owners and team members of small to midsize businesses in particular must put in the work, take advantage of available resources and actively seek advice from enterprise experts in order to maintain optimal health and strength year-round throughout an entire organization. This is especially relevant today for business finance and accounting practices. According to the North American Top Technology Initiatives Survey of accounting professionals in both the U.S. and Canada, “preventing security threats is a major concern, particularly online and on mobile devices”.

Returning to manual accounting processes is out of the question for anyone who’s trying to maintain a successful operation in the modern business world. We are firmly immersed in the digital business world. So finding a reliably strong and secure solution to protect your business accounting and financial information is extremely important. A solid ERP system, such as the SAP Business ERP software platform is a exceptionally ideal and reliable solution for modern small to mid-sized companies.


Relevant Small Business Insights about SAP Business One ERP:

  • SAP Software automates SMB operations to eliminate human errors, integrates all data to fully connect teams and analyzes company’s big data for leaders to make the best business decisions and run on course
  • SAP ERP software serves SMB’s with features for incredible financial management including multi-currency support, allowing them to evaluate financial goals at a glance and better manage cash flow
  • The software system comes with user-friendly modules for everything needed to grow your business sustainably:
    • sales and financials
    • purchasing and production (including inventory and warehouse management)
    • administration and so much more


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For Better Business Health Consider SAP Business One

We’re happy to help our local small to midsize businesses grow in the Tampa Bay community and across the globe. We believe that a clear view of what’s going on in real-time, under one umbrella is the greatest possible answer for your small business today. We’ve seen it work for countless SMB’s throughout the nation. Now it’s your turn to push your financial accounting and enterprise-wide operations ahead with secure software and expert guidance.

If you’re the leader of a small or midsize manufacturing, wholesale distribution or online retail enterprise and are ready to experience improved speed, precision and productivity, take a moment to officially erase inefficiency with the help of our IT and SAP software consultants at Cornerstone and our SAP Business One ERP software today.


Small Business Research and Facts to Remember:

  • Like a body, businesses must maintain optimal health and strength in order to sustain operations, especially in regards to finances
  • Continually monitoring your expected net profits with an automated system such as SAP’s, informs small business leaders of their company’s long-term sustainability
  • Critical financial functions such as core accounting, financial and management reporting, working capital management, performance management and regulatory compliance are covered by SAP Business One ERP software



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