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The SAP Business One ERP (e.g. Enterprise Resource Planning) Software System was the perfect solution for a local midsize brewing company when they encountered some challenges regarding the side-effects of business growth on their daily operations. As the company began to acquire smaller brewers on new sites, they realized that they needed to update their business intelligence infrastructure. They also realized that they needed to connect additional relevant data from their new acquisitions to maintain comprehensive enterprise-wide insight into their business.

The Primary Business Obstacles of the Brewing Company:

  • Access inventory records in real-time
  • Centralize material requirements planning (MRP) efforts
  • Integrate enterprise-wide data for more informed decision-making and business insight

How SAP Business One Software Solves the Brewing Company’s Issues

SAP Business One helped to improve overall operations by providing the tools needed to effectively inform and engage their management team while quickly integrating business data, across multiple, disparate locations. They also gained the use of SAP’s in-memory predictive analytics features for critical Big Data insights and proactive rather than reactive business decision-making. The SAP System effectively helped them to transition from a business trying to keep itself afloat in unfamiliar markets into a model of progress with the profits to show for it.

SAP Business Management Software System Enables:

  • Automatic, real-time, mobile-access to integrated enterprise-wide data
  • Centralized business records including, warehouse, accounting, sales, etc.
  • Big Data analytics features support business intelligence and insight for decision-makers

SAP System for Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, Online Retail, Professional Services

The SAP Business One ERP System is the most affordable and effective business growth solution for small and midsize organizations. Decision-makers choose SAP Software because it delivers tremendous value. In our fast-paced corporate climate, fast results aren’t just nice to have, they’re essential. So, with SAP Business One you’ll be able to access the latest business solutions for fast and effective decision-making on a technological platform that encourages growth, from the get-go.

SAP ERP Software Solutions and Features:

  • Organize: Integrate data from all business sites, departments and teams into a single, secure, user-friendly platform for better business insight
  • Mobility: Access mission critical information from your personal device (e.g. phone, tablet) anytime, anywhere
  • Analytics: Use in-memory predictive analytics to anticipate demand and adapt quickly


Be Prepared for Anything and Everything with SAP Business One

You know that you can grow your SMB and subsidiaries. You know that you can invest in a sustainable and comprehensive business solution that integrates and streamlines operations, including financial accounting, CRM (e.g. customer relationship management), sales, supply chain management, purchasing, wholesale distribution and much more on a clean and user-friendly interface. You should also know that you don’t have to wait to have a one-on-one conversation with an SAP ERP expert. We can arrange a product demo for you in-person, over the phone or online, today. We can even offer you a free 30 day trial of the SAP Business One ERP Software System, to test out, firsthand. You know that you can grow your small or midsized business but first you have to run with SAP Business One and implement simple, super-efficiency, today!


Relevant Small Business Insights About SAP Business One:

  • SAP Business One is mobile-accessible, so you can access critical company data from anywhere, on-the-go
  • SAP Business One helps SMB’s to expand their enterprise(s) with incredible efficiency, across the board, faster than imaginable
  • SAP Business One includes user-friendly features that address SMB needs, helps you serve customers and grow your business best:
      • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
      • Built-in Crystal Reports, Reporting Engine
      • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
      • Return Materials Authorization (RMA)
      • Customer/Vendor Management
      • Sales Opportunity Management
      • Accounts Receivable (A/R)
      • Accounts Payable (A/P)
      • Order Entry/Sales Orders
      • Inventory Management
      • Service Management
      • Big Data Analysis
      • Production Entry
      • HR Management
      • Fixed Assets
      • Financials
      • Warranty
      • Banking


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