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Banker, politician, philanthropist, scientist and polymath, John Lubbock stated that, “What we see depends mainly on what we look for”. That assertion holds true for nearly every aspect of life and business. It’s not just about self-fulfilling prophecies, it’s about having a clear intention, direction and destination both personally and professionally. Be honest and consider where you are, right at this moment in regards to you private and public life. Reflect on how very far you’ve come, since you started out in your younger years, up to this moment. You have an incredibly unique and invaluable wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom. As a business professional, you can and should use that foundation to determine exactly where you want go next. Not just what you can conveniently repeat, where others are all headed or even where industry leaders tell you to go. Instead have the courage to look for a destination that is entirely your own. The world’s most successful and celebrated business teams (Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Disney, BMW, etc.) get to this place by adopting this vital practice. So think about where you want to be in, at least, the next five to ten years and what resources (software, technology, equipment) you have to support such a significant journey.


SAP Business One | HANA Has It:

Anyone with enough drive can harness the power of today’s technology to revolutionize the professional world. We’re at a point in which leaders can do everything from 3D print, driverless-ly deliver custom orders and dive into the details of customer purchase patterns to automating operations so massive in scale, that it would have been nearly impossible to consider a generation ago. We’re able to do a lot of this because of the tons of data, analyses and testing, gathered from individuals and organizations with direction. Increasingly, we’re noticing and adopting this power in order to operate with better business insights and intelligence for more confident decision-making. But true confidence exists in collaboration with clear direction or goals, and that is easier to attain in businesses that work with unity or connectivity in mind. So if you’re managing a bundle of disparate software systems, applications and technologies that don’t even connect to one another, then you’re already falling behind, as the future is in connectivity. If you’re a small or midsize enterprise (SME) leader, then your focus should be on software that allows you to work more connected, with greater clarity into where you are and where you’re headed. That’s exactly what Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems are designed to do: Connect, analyze, automate and introduce clarity into business. The SAP Business One aka SAP B1 Software version for HANA, is the latest and greatest business growth solution for SME’s on the modern market.

SAP Business One for HANA is essentially, a small business management software system powered by in-memory computing. It’s specifically designed to help you supercharge the performance of existing applications and to analyze massive volumes of data in real-time without complicating your IT landscape. With SAP B1 for HANA you can quickly cut costs and run your entire business with a single solution that will scale with you as you grow.

The SAP Business One version for SAP HANA, revolutionizes the way you do business. For example, it can quickly search through your SAP Business One application data to give you the answers you need for faster and more accurate reporting. A process that once took hours or days to compile and complete, has been reduced to seconds. Even companies that have huge quantities of data to work with can run highly complex and data-intensive analyses in real-time with HANA. This program is the ultimate resource for SME leaders that are ready for clarity in their performance, analytics and overall goals. You can drive with direction, when your business is powered by SAP Business One and HANA, today.


Research About Technology, HANA and SAP Business One:

  • Technology allows staff members to communicate better, enables business owners to manage costs more efficiently and sell products and services in new and different ways (Source)
  • The SAP Business One version for HANA can help drive measurable performance gains in all of your key business processes and departments (Source)


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Relevant Small Business Insights About SAP Business One:

  • SAP Business One version for HANA can generate interactive reports in seconds and offers the real-time insight needed to boost profits
  • SAP Business One version for HANA can be deployed either on-premise or in the cloud
  • SAP Business One includes user-friendly features that address SMB needs, helps you serve customers and grow your business best:
      • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
      • Built-in Crystal Reports, Reporting Engine
      • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
      • Return Materials Authorization (RMA)
      • Customer/Vendor Management
      • Sales Opportunity Management
      • Accounts Receivable (A/R)
      • Accounts Payable (A/P)
      • Order Entry/Sales Orders
      • Inventory Management
      • Service Management
      • Big Data Analysis
      • Production Entry
      • HR Management
      • Fixed Assets
      • Financials
      • Warranty
      • Banking


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We’re happy to help you grow! Cornerstone’s IT team is highly experienced in helping small to mid-sized businesses (SMB/SME) just like yours. We enjoy helping the companies that are impacting the world of retail, manufacturing and wholesale distribution. We enjoy helping businesses within these industries to meet the most modern market demands with incredible ease. We know that in order for your small or midsize company to seamlessly grow and prosper today, you need reliable business software that empowers both your team and your customers. With a complete view of the real-time, analytics-based, action-oriented, critical data from every department in your company, you can make truly reliable business decisions and move confidently in the most intelligent direction for sustainable business growth.


SAP ERP Software, which is uniquely designed to grow small and midsize businesses, helps you get there by eliminating waste and creating an environment of super-efficiency. The functionality also reduces redundancy and data entry errors by automating manual tasks and streamlining many routine processes. So if you’re the leader or team member of a small or midsize manufacturing, distribution, retail or E-commerce enterprise and you’re ready to really experience significant speed, precision and productivity, reach out to our IT and SAP software consultants for the SAP Business One ERP System. Let us help you grow and serve better, today.


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