Mobile Business App Functionality Inside SAP Business One ERP

For manufacturers and distributors, it is critical for small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) to implement enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, like SAP Business One (also known as Business One and SAP B1), which includes functionality for cutting-edge mobile business apps, to remain competitive in this digital world. Countless chief executive officers (CEOs) all over the world are shifting their focus toward smarter mobility strategies for enterprise management. Numerous studies show that the use of business mobile applications can streamline and accelerate operations. Mobile devices and smart phones enable immediate access to enterprise data, from anywhere. When business mobile apps are integrated with an organization’s ERP system, the functionality facilitates better communications between teams, partners, and customers, which can dramatically improve a company’s profitability. When a company uses enterprise software and mobile technology to streamline operations, business leaders can enjoy greater freedom to travel, spend time with more clients, and grow their business. Mobile business apps are becoming crucial for small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) to remain relevant and keep their competitive edge sharp in our complex digital economy.

If you need the ability to effectively improve the tracking of your goods via mobile devices, and have the data integrate with your ERP, SAP Business One has mobility functionality built into the system. Business One is an amazing enterprise information management solution designed for small and mid-sized wholesale distribution, manufacturing, professional services, and retail companies. The SAP B1 solution includes powerful integrated ERP modules of accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory tracking and control, material requirements planning (MRP), and more. This all-in-one ERP solution can be synchronized between your office computer network and your own personal mobile devices for maximum accessibility and efficiency. You can take Business One and all of its incredible applications with you wherever you go and always stay connected to your company. And with SAP big data analytics powering real-time business insights and simplifying operations across the enterprise, your business can grow faster than you ever imagined possible.


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Cornerstone Consulting is an information technology (IT) company specializing in business optimization, automation, and SAP Business One ERP implementation. Cornerstone is:

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Cornerstone makes the process of purchasing SAP Business One and related add-on software simple and easy for owners of small and midsize companies. Although Cornerstone provides SAP Business One software, related services, and tech support to companies through out the United States, many professional services, manufacturing, and/or wholesale distribution clients are based in Florida. Cornerstone is Florida’s leading provider of SAP Business One software, support and related services.

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How much does SAP Business One cost? Typically, 5 Professional (Super) Users can cost approximately $20,000. If you’re a mid-sized wholesale distributor in Florida or located in another area of the United States, Cornerstone offers you a special limited-time discount when you purchase SAP Business One ERP software (for installation of more than 5 Users, on your in-house server). If you’d like a discount on the purchase of Business One, contact us today at 813-321-1300.

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What Is a Business Intelligence System? | SAP B1 Analytics

One of the biggest reasons why mobile ERP applications have become so commonplace in business is that there is a much greater potential for effective business intelligence management within mobile business apps. Business intelligence, often referred to as “BI”, is a relatively new technology that focuses on analyzing data to simplify management processes and improve enterprise performance as much as possible. The most effective business intelligence systems consolidate enterprise-wide data on one well-organized platform for ultimate accessibility, security, and integrity.

Many wholesale distributors choose SAP Business One ERP software because it is a comprehensive business management solution that keeps all areas of an organization running smoothly on the same integrated system. They also prefer SAP B1 for BI applications for the same reason. And because this outstanding ERP solution is available on your preferred mobile devices, you gain the additional benefit of unlimited access to one powerful business intelligence and analytics system wherever you go.

Advantages of SAP Business One Mobile Business Apps for Wholesale Distribution

The main appeal of SAP Business One is its top-rated business integration capabilities. From accounting and CRM to inventory management and MRP, Business One provides easy-to-use tools for every area of an enterprise. The B1 software boasts awesome business automation functionality, so you can let your ERP software handle everyday inventory and accounting processes. In this way, you eliminate time-consuming and error-prone data entry tasks from your schedule, freeing up time to focus on more important work. And because every department in your organization runs on the same simple software, they can more easily communicate and collaborate with one another. ERP integration boosts productivity and efficiency, resulting in cost savings, high profits, and higher quality customer service.

SAP Business One runs in real-time, whether you’re running it on-premise or going mobile. With this real-time speed, you know that your company’s data is always accurate up to the minute, and that the software’s built-in big data analytics are generating the most useful insights possible. When you have precise, immediate enterprise visibility available right there on your smart phone or tablet, you are no longer tied down to your office computer. The sky is the limit with SAP Business One mobile applications.

Research on SAP Business One Mobile Applications

  • Wholesale distribution businesses can improve communications, enterprise visibility, and overall performance with integrated mobile ERP software.
  • SAP Business One ERP gives SME leaders the powerful mobile business apps they need to maximize operational efficiency and run business intelligence analytics for the best insights possible.

Insights on Mobile ERP for Wholesale Distributors | SAP Business One