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Did you know that SAP has wholesale distribution software, called SAP Business One? If you looking for one powerful wholesale distribution ERP (enterprise resource planning) system that can integrate and optimize business data for every department. The SAP Business One (also known as SAP B1) ERP solution contains cutting-edge distribution management functionality designed to increase the operational efficiency, productivity, and profitability of small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs). It is a customizable business software system that integrates inventory control with financial accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), sales, material requirements planning (MRP), and practically every other division of your company on the same digital platform. Through this comprehensive enterprise integration, SAP Business One enables efficient data management. The business software also makes it incredibly easy for your departments to effectively communicate.

What is SAP Business One?

SAP Business One is an amazing “all-in-one” ERP software solution comprised of integrated financial accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory and warehouse management, and material requirement planning (MRP) modules. By design, the unified data management software system simplifies business processes, drastically reduces inefficiencies, and dramatically streamlines operations. The software is used by the most competitive (and extremely successful) manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and professional services companies, through out the world.

Why Business Leaders Trust Cornerstone for SAP Consulting

Cornerstone Consulting is an information technology (IT) company specializing in business optimization, automation, and SAP Business One ERP implementation. Cornerstone is:

  • A trusted SAP Gold Partner
  • An award-winning value-added reseller (VAR)
  • A company with highly-skilled customization, configuration, and implementation specialists
  • Renowned for expertise with ERP, mobile, EDI, and e-Commerce solutions

Cornerstone makes the process of purchasing SAP Business One and related add-on software simple and easy for owners of small and midsize companies. Although Cornerstone provides SAP Business One software, related services, and tech support to companies through out the United States, many professional services, manufacturing, and/or wholesale distribution clients are based in Florida. Cornerstone is Florida’s leading provider of SAP Business One software, support and related services.

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Real-Time ERP Integration and Data Analysis | SAP Business One

When you first started your wholesale distribution company, you were probably driven by one great idea. Through determination, team work, and business insights, you turned that idea into a successful distribution enterprise. But if you want to continue growing and thriving over time, it is critical for you and your staff to use a simple accounting software and business management solution. As you grow, having streamlined operations and enterprise-wide collaboration will make it easy for you to expand locally, nationally, and internationally. In addition, as technology advances, it’s becoming absolutely critical for business owners to focus on optimizing their businesses for maximum efficiency. Fortunately, improving technology also provides the perfect tools to speed up your company’s performance and operational accuracy. You just have to start with the right business management ERP system, and the right IT support team to help maximize that software’s potential.

Countless wholesale distributors throughout Florida already utilize SAP Business One as their integrated ERP system. Using SAP’s outstanding distribution ERP software applications, Florida business owners simplify everyday management tasks and gain access to real-time business data analytics with just a couple of clicks. SAP Business One features a number of tools for accounting, CRM, inventory tracking and control, and MRP, all unified on one easy-to-use computer platform. Each of these vital ERP functions work in perfect sync with one another, significantly speeding up business operations from the beginning to the end of the enterprise. SAP B1 ERP can even automate a variety of important everyday tasks, such as maintaining financial accounting journal entries or tracking inventory as it moves across the warehouse. Through this real-time automation, wholesalers can save a vast amount of time and money and redirect their focus toward more important goals.

SAP Business One is an affordable, easy to use, and customizable ERP solution for wholesale distribution. Whether your business needs the full ERP system or just a few of the integrated accounting, CRM, and inventory modules, Cornerstone Consulting is your ultimate source for SAP software configuration and implementation. Your search for the perfect wholesale distribution ERP system ends with us.

Research on SAP Business One Distribution ERP Functionality

  • Gain crystal clear enterprise visibility and insights with SAP B1 big data analytics
  • Manage key business areas easily with integrated accounting, CRM, and inventory modules
  • Simple to take your enterprise with you everywhere you go with mobility solutions for iPhone and iPad devices

Source: Business Management Made Simpler (SAP Business One Brochure)

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