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Even though there are a lot of business owners not currently using SAP Business One for HANA, a surprising number of leaders believe that luck played a major role in their business success, as opposed to real time big data analytics. Many successful CEOs and entrepreneurs claim good fortune played a large part in their business accomplishments and that it continues to drive their success. As the hard-working owner of a small or midsize business enterprise (SMB / SME), you’ve probably considered trying to boost your luck through positive habits or even superstitions. After all, it’s not very fair that a factor as random as luck could give your direct competitors an advantage over your company. But instead of keeping a four-leaf clover in your wallet, you could just adopt an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system with real time Big Data analytics that helps you run your business smarter.SAP HANA provides real time big data analytics

SAP Business One is an incredible ERP solution for SMB owners who need to integrate business operations on to one simple digital business management platform. The system (often also known as SAP Business 1, SAP B1, or just Business One) provides high-performance applications for financial accounting and customer relationship management (CRM), production, inventory tracking and material requirements planning (MRP), and a variety of other critical business tasks. All of these powerful ERP tools are integrated and available on one platform. The business data is stored within one database. The innovative design of the software system enables enterprise leaders to access and manage company-wide information and operations with only a few clicks.

How does SAP Business One ERP software help business leaders make smarter decisions and improve enterprise performance? With the power of SAP HANA, an in-memory relational database management system (RDBMS), your SAP B1 system can utilize real-time Big Data analytics. With instant analytics, you can immediatley generate crystal-clear visibility into the organization’s finances, production, inventory, customer base, and more, in lightning fast speeds. SAP HANA predictive analytics can also leverage information from a number of sources to provide insights on market patterns, consumer habits, and demand forecasts, so you can immediately prepare for future trends that have not yet begun. When SAP Business One and SAP HANA give you the ultimate control over your enterprise and data, and helps you strategize for future success, you don’t need luck to accomplish great things in business.

Cornerstone Provides Tampa Businesses with Amazing ERP Solutions and Real Time Big Data Analytics Tools

Cornerstone Consulting is an information technology (IT) company specializing in business optimization and automation for small and midsize businesses that would like to grow regionally, expand nationally, and/or sell goods internationally. We make the process of purchasing SAP Business One easy. We also ensure that the software integration and implementation is as seamless as possible. Cornerstone is:

  • A trusted SAP Gold Partner
  • An award-winning value-added reseller (VAR)
  • A company with highly-skilled customization, configuration, and implementation specialists
  • Renowned for expertise with ERP, mobile software and technology, EDI, e-Commerce solutions, and more

To make researching SAP’s system for growing small and midsize businesses easy, we offer demos and free trials for SAP Business One. When you are ready to purchase the SAP Business One user licenses, we offer special discounts on SAP ERP software. We enjoy making the process of purchasing SAP Business One and related add-on software simple and easy for owners of small and midsize companies.

Although Cornerstone provides SAP Business One software, related services, and tech support to companies through out the United States, many professional services, manufacturing, and/or wholesale distribution clients are based in Florida. Cornerstone is Florida’s leading provider of SAP Business One software and support, as well as many related services.

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Prepare for Future Markets with SAP HANA Predictive Analytics

Some business owners seem to be incredibly lucky for a variety of reasons. Perhaps their distribution business offered a product that suddenly became popular, netting them tremendous revenue and launching the company into the limelight. SMB leaders in this situation might say they were simply in the right place at the right time–they had no idea that product would sell, they just fortuitously happened to be able to provide it to consumers when they wanted it the most. Successful distributors must strive to play a few steps ahead of the markets and their competition so they can be the first to offer top-selling goods and services. But without the ability to actually see into the future, they often just put products on the shelves and hope they work. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could identify a “lucky” product and provide it to your customers before it becomes a hot commodity?

You can! With high-powered productivity tools and advanced predictive analytics technologies, business leaders can easily forecast demand and adopt a strategy that puts the company in the perfect position to corner that market before the competition shows up. SAP Business One is an incredible ERP software package that provides lightning fast business intelligence insights on one of the most user-friendly interfaces available today. The real time Big Data analytics generated by SAP B1 powered by SAP HANA can give business owners precise knowledge of their enterprise’s performance and their target markets’ rising trends. You can quickly and easily see where your company stands at any given moment, as well as prepare for changes in consumer demand long before they actually happen. SAP HANA is much, much faster than other traditional analytics platforms, and it affords your SAP Business One ERP solution even more speed than you might have thought possible. With SAP B1 and HANA, you can control your company in real-time, eliminating inefficiencies at the core of your business and boosting productivity and profitability higher than ever before.

When it comes to luck in business, the best approach is to create your own. Forget about lucky trinkets–grow your business successfully with the real time Big Data analytics insights and the power of SAP Business One ERP version for HANA.

Insights and Research on SAP B1 Real Time Big Data Analytics

  • SAP HANA can run queries in rapid succession with no delays, regardless of database size, to instantly generate accurate reports.
  • SAP Business One automatically provides the HANA analytics platform with enterprise-wide information for real time insights and accelerated operations across the organization.
  • HANA’s real-time information access helps SMB leaders make faster, smarter decisions, and successfully prepare for anything with predictive analytics.

Source: Real Time Analytics and Reporting for Small Businesses (SAP HANA PDF)

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