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Overcome Business Challenges with the SAP Business One Wholesale Distribution ERP Solution

The SAP Business One wholesale distribution enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system is one of the leading digital business management solutions for small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) worldwide. Over one thousand distribution companies in more than 150 countries across the globe run on SAP Business One (also known as Business One, SAP B1, and SAP Business 1), gauging tremendous success with the ERP software’s powerful business management and data analytics applications. SAP B1 equips wholesale distributors with fully integrated software programs for financial accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory tracking and control, material requirements planning (MRP), and many other key areas of a distribution enterprise. All of these essential ERP tools work together in perfect sync on the Business One platform, so your growing business can significantly increase operational efficiency from the bottom to the top of the organization.

Better business efficiency is one of the main concerns of wholesale distributors everywhere. In this industry, there are so many different challenges and obstacles that majorly slow down a business and prevent growth on every level. If you need a better way to face those challenges and unlock the true potential of your enterprise, you need SAP Business One.

Wholesale Distributors Receive Outstanding SAP Business One ERP Software, Solutions and Services from Cornerstone

Cornerstone Consulting is an information technology (IT) company specializing in business optimization and automation for small and midsize businesses that would like to grow regionally, expand nationally, and/or sell goods internationally. We greatly simplify the process of purchasing SAP Business One wholesale distribution software. We also ensure that the software integration and implementation is as seamless as possible. Cornerstone is:

  • A trusted SAP Gold Partner
  • An award-winning value-added reseller (VAR)
  • A company with highly-skilled customization, configuration, and implementation specialists
  • Renowned for expertise with ERP, mobile software and technology, EDI, e-Commerce solutions, and more

We offer demos and free trials for SAP Business One, so you can easily experience the power of this amazing ERP software before purchasing it. When you are ready to purchase the SAP Business One user licenses, we offer special discounts on SAP ERP software. We enjoy making the process of purchasing SAP Business One and related add-on software simple and easy for owners of small and midsize companies.

Although Cornerstone provides SAP Business One software, related services, and tech support to companies through out the United States, many professional services, manufacturing, and/or wholesale distribution clients are based in Florida. Cornerstone is a top-rated provider of SAP Business One software and support services in Florida, including implementation, configuration, and automation.

Wondering if SAP Business One ERP is a Good fit for Your Wholesale Distribution Company?

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SAP Business One Optimizes Distribution Management Processes

In order to keep the enterprise running smoothly and efficiently, a distributor must pay attention to a vast array of challenges that constantly spring up in this competitive industry. Many of those challenges involve effective inventory management, as a wholesale distribution company’s inventory is perhaps their greatest asset. Every day, wholesalers are faced with a number of complex inventory management questions, such as:

  • What products should we sell?
  • How many units of each product do we have in stock?
  • How many units of each product should we have in stock?
  • Are we offering products at appropriate, competitive prices?
  • Which products can be discounted, and how much should they cost?

These questions can be tough to answer without assistance from the right ERP inventory management software. However, it’s important that a distributor considers how their inventory cooperates with other areas of the enterprise, including the accounting, sales, and customer service departments. Each of these business divisions need fast access to accurate inventory information in order to answer their own big questions. How much money should accounting budget for purchases of new products and materials? What is the overall value of the enterprise’s entire inventory? Which products should sales representatives offer to individual customers to better meet their demands? Are those products currently available in the warehouse? How soon can a product be restocked? The list goes on and on.

The SAP Business One wholesale distribution solution is an amazing ERP system that can easily provide answers to just about any inventory-related question you can think of. Because this business management software integrates applications for every major area of business on the same digital platform, every member of your organization can easily access and share vital information with the departments that need it the most. SAP Business One also automates many key processes, including various financial operations, production planning, and shipping. This incredible business automation saves you and your employees valuable time and accelerates business operations for better productivity and profitability. Additionally, the enhanced data management and business intelligence capabilities of the Business One software provides powerful insights into enterprise performance, market trends, and customer interests. With these insights you can always make the smartest decisions and even strategize for the future by offering products that will soon be in high demand.

When it comes to inventory management, SAP Business One can’t be beat. The integrated ERP solution offers indispensable tools for streamlining and simplifying inventory and warehouse management processes. SAP B1 inventory tracking and control helps wholesalers optimize stock quantities and locations across multiple warehouses, so you always know exactly where an item is and where it should be at any given moment. The software will also notify you of changes in inventory levels and suggest the perfect quantity of each individual item, eliminating the dreaded out-of-stock events and complications from excess inventory. For even greater speed and efficiency, SAP Business One automates various inventory processes (including data entry and shipment staging) so your warehouse workers can easily fulfill orders and get products out for delivery faster than ever.

Running your business on the SAP Business One wholesale distribution ERP software gives you one incredible advantage over your competitors. With integrated ERP and powerful real-time data analytics, you will always be one step ahead of the competition, and always fully equipped to handle whatever challenges may arise every new day.

Insights and Research on Inventory Management with SAP Business One

  • Inventory management software optimizes warehouse operations and improves speed and accuracy of delivery for improved customer satisfaction
  • Provides every member of your organization with instant access to comprehensive inventory and warehouse data for better business integration
  • Mobile ERP functionality enables wholesale distribution leaders to easily monitor and manage their enterprise on the go via their iPhone, iPad, or Android devices
  • Built-in warehouse management solution includes an inventory barcode scanning system for more efficient stock tracking and control across multiple locations

Source: Warehouse and Production Management with SAP Business One (Inventory Management PDF)

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