Enterprise Data Integration Software Enables Accurate Analytics

Attaining Outstanding Business Insights with Enterprise Data Integration Software

enterprise data integration software helps you see the big pictureEnterprise data integration software is becoming an indispensable tool for midsize business owners. As companies expand and thrive, they generate more and more data every single day. This data contains immeasurably valuable insights into the business itself, as well as its subsidiaries, customers and markets. To squeeze those insights out of the data, many business owners adopt enterprise resource planning (ERP) software with business intelligence and analytics capabilities. Those business data analytics applications comb through information, highlighting trends and statistics connected to company performance and growth. Business owners can use these insights to make smarter decisions, reduce operational costs, and boost productivity at every level of the enterprise.

Of course, the more data your company creates, the harder it can be to efficiently organize the info before running it through analytics. Wholesale distributors may be especially familiar with this challenge, as their warehouses are responsible for a vast majority of data needed by every area of the business. A distributor’s ERP software must be able to quickly share volumes of inventory data with accounting, sales, purchasing, etc., so each department can easily complete the important tasks that need warehouse input. Think of your business data like a jigsaw puzzle–it all fits together to give you a clear big picture of the company, but you need enterprise data integration software to help you finish the puzzle.

However, not every ERP and business analytics software can effectively handle the massive amount of data created by an enterprise. Some ERP programs have to distribute the info across multiple databases, then analyze each database separately. This method can result in drastic inconsistencies and even lost data, which simply cannot provide beneficial insights into anything. The right enterprise data integration software eliminates this issue by consolidating all business data on the same platform for easy access and precise analysis.

What to Look for in an Integrated ERP Solution

Many enterprise data integration software solutions boast high speed and decent processing power. Unfortunately, you may find that these ERP applications lack functionality, require significant IT support, or even fall short of their advertised specifications. When you rely on an ERP system for critical business administration, information management, and analytics, you have to be certain that it’s capable of handling all of these tasks simultaneously. There are a number of factors to consider when researching ERP and analytics programs.

1. Speed. Your business runs in real-time, so your ERP software should as well. An enterprise data integration software that manages and analyzes information at the speed of thought will accelerate operations and maximize efficiency across the organization.

2. Power. Wholesale distribution companies generate colossal amounts of data every day. It is vital that an enterprise data integration software can efficiently organize and analyze every bit of information that passes through the company. This feat requires immense processing power. Before you choose an ERP solution, you must be confident that its analytic capabilities can easily withstand the volume of data you need it to process.

3. Accessibility. Business owners frequently travel to expand and improve operations in fresh markets. No matter where you go, you need constant access to your company and all of its data. Your enterprise data integration software should provide powerful mobile applications with full ERP functionality, so you can keep your business in the palm of your hand.

4. Scalability. When you streamline and improve operations with enterprise data integration software, your company will expand like never before. Your ERP solution must be able to grow alongside the company and maintain functionality no matter how big the business becomes. The ideal integrated ERP can consistently improve with add-ons and upgrades, ensuring that your enterprise will never outgrow it.

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