beer distributors need good product inventory softwareOn National Beer Day, Breweries Trust Outstanding Product Inventory Software

SAP Business One is well-known for its amazing wholesale distribution management capabilities. This enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution is designed for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) that need to streamline, optimize, and integrate operations and data on the same real-time system. The speed and accuracy afforded by SAP Business One is absolutely critical for growing enterprises, especially distributors who rely on efficient product inventory software every day.

SAP Business One provides distributors with powerful warehouse and inventory management systems that can be easily customized to fit the specific needs of every SMB. Although many distributors practice standard inventory planning procedures, many companies must go above and beyond when it comes to managing stock. For example, businesses that specialize in food or beverage distribution need an easy way to track inventory by product ingredients, nutritional facts, or expiration date. All too often, distributors lose thousands of dollars on products that go bad before moving out of the warehouse. SAP Business One’s flexible product inventory software can eliminate this issue, as well as many other common inventory management problems, all while optimizing warehouse operations and minimizing inventory investment costs overall.

This powerhouse ERP system is an absolute necessity for beer distributors gearing up to celebrate National Beer Day. This popular holiday celebrates the 1933 legalization of beer sales in the United States and is celebrated by breweries all over the country every year. In order to prepare for an increase in orders on this day, many beer distributors utilize the SAP Business One product inventory software to cost-effectively stock up on products and accelerate fulfillment and delivery processes. Of course, SAP Business One helps businesses operate efficiently all year round–when you lay the groundwork for success with the Business One ERP solution, you’ll always be perfectly prepared for whatever comes your way.

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Distributors Optimize Inventory and Warehouse Operations with SAP Business One

Distributors within any specialty share many common goals. They want to provide quality products at competitive prices without over-investing in inventory. They want to eliminate wastefulness and loss within the warehouse, as well as deliver the right items to customers as quickly as possible. They want to be able to ride the market as it changes based on demand, maintaining success through every new trend. Beer distributors must keep these goals in mind as they manage inventory and adapt management practices as needed, especially when National Beer Day rolls around again.

One of the many benefits of SAP Business One’s product inventory software system is its incredible flexibility. Brewing companies must utilize an inventory management system that they can tweak to their own unique specifications, taking into account the limited shelf life of their products before planning production and warehousing operations. Usually, distributors organize their warehouses based on how fast a product moves out of it–products that sell quickly need to be stocked near the order fulfillment area to minimize their time to delivery. Because beer and its various ingredients can spoil over time, a beer distributor must be able to work that information into their warehouse layout as well.

SAP Business One greatly simplifies this process with its real-time data analytics and integrated ERP applications, offering the best possible warehouse and inventory insights for distributors. With this excellent visibility, a distributor can quickly organize the warehouse so that every product is kept in an ideal location. They can also stay on top of stock quantities and availability, as well as consistently purchase the perfect amount of products every time. This practice saves money and storage space, allowing distributors to better utilize their resources to further improve business operations. And because SAP Business One’s product inventory software seamlessly integrates with its accounting and customer relationship management (CRM) applications, the entire enterprise benefits from the same accurate data and optimization empowering the warehouse.

The time and money you can save managing inventory with SAP Business One can be an enormous help to growing distributors. You might even have some extra cash to celebrate National Beer Day with your team.

Insights and Research on SAP Business One Product Inventory Software

  • SAP Business One saves money through reduced shortages, cost-effective purchasing and investing, and warehouse process optimization.
  • SAP Business One integrates real-time inventory data with accounting and CRM for ultra-efficient enterprise-wide operations.
  • SAP Business One supports your preferred inventory tracking method, including FIFO, serial or batch, and inventory barcode scanning.

Source: Warehouse and Production Management

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