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Finding the Right Midsize Business Accounting Software Solution

midsize business accounting softwareMany mid-sized wholesale distribution enterprises start small and grow over time. Rapid business expansion results to massive increases in data, inventory, and revenue. Small business enterprise resource planning (ERP) and accounting systems are rarely capable of accommodating these greater volumes of information. A midsize business must specifically implement a midsize business accounting software system that boasts the processing speed and power needed to properly collect and analyze financial data across the expanded organization.

However, far too many business owners choose to retain the small business accounting software they adopted early on. They might believe that the process of upgrading the ERP system will take too much time or cost too much money. They might even think that the old accounting system will be able to handle the increased workload. Unfortunately, this reluctance to upgrade software could result in inconsistent data and sluggish operations–one giant step backwards for the company.

The good news is that there is one outstanding ERP solution that grows alongside your company, so you never have to worry about replacing or upgrading it. That solution is SAP Business One, a fully integrated ERP system designed for both small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs). This powerful business management software streamlines and optimizes operations by unifying enterprise-wide information within a single, simple database. The SAP B1 software solution features tools for the management of just about every essential area of a wholesale distribution, manufacturing, or retail enterprise, including applications for accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), inventory tracking and control, and material requirements planning (MRP). It also provides real-time business data analytics for crystal clear insights into enterprise performance and growth. These capabilities are absolutely indispensable to owners of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs).

SAP Business One is remarkably flexible and customizable, giving business owners the power to create the perfect ERP solution to meet their company’s unique needs. Thousands of growing enterprises all over the world enjoy the unparalleled business intelligence and enterprise information management capabilities that only SAP Business One can offer. That’s why it’s the fastest-selling midsize business accounting software and integrated ERP platform available on the market today.

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What is the Best Accounting Software for Medium Sized Business?

Small and mid-sized enterprises are often lumped into the same category by marketers and software developers. However, these two types of companies can be very, very different from one another. Small businesses generally hire fewer than one hundred employees and earn less than $10 million in annual revenue. A midsize business, on the other hand, could employ up to one thousand workers and generate nearly a billion dollars in revenue every year. That means that even the biggest small business could be infinitesimal compared to a mid-sized business within the same industry. That mid-sized business might produce a hundred times more financial data than a similar small business. Only midsize business accounting software will provide the proper tools for managing that amount of information.

Fortunately, the SAP Business One ERP solution can easily handle any amount of financial data, large or small. The Business One accounting and finance modules are capable of automating key processes, including journal entries, accounts receivable, and accounts payable, to lighten the workload and improve the productivity of your company’s accountants. SAP B1 enables accurate management of cash flow and creation of optimal budgets, and can handle all banking activities within the same system. Furthermore, Business One’s integrated database allows quick access to critical financial information by every member of the organization. Its data analysis and report generation capabilities provide powerful insights into the company’s financial performance and fosters smarter decision making at an executive level. Best of all, these superlative accounting tools operate on the same system as SAP B1’s inventory management and CRM software, allowing seamless integration of your enterprise from top to bottom.

At its core, SAP Business One is not just powerful midsize business accounting software. SAP Business One is an integrated ERP solution that actually grows with your company, maintaining optimal operational efficiency and productivity at every level of expansion. Because of this excellent flexibility and the many essential enterprise software modules built right into the software, countless business leaders worldwide consider SAP Business One to be the best ERP system for growing SME/SMBs.

Insights and Research on SAP Business One Accounting Apps

  • SAP Business One is capable of processing bank statements and payments, reconciling accounts, managing cash flow, tracking budgets, and checking your business’s status in real-time.
  • Customized reports and real-time data analytics enable fast and accurate financials management through the SAP Business One integrated ERP system.
  • Business One supports various currencies and units of measurement, simplifying international business and fostering quick expansion overseas.

Source: Business Management Made Simpler

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